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[zeroro11] TIPs for New comers

Written by [IGN: zeroro11]

TIPs for New comers

1. Selective Summon

You can take Selective summon after clearing stage 1-3, 1-10, 12-10 of Story mode.

If you couldn't get useful Devil until clearing stage 1-10, you can reset account and start again.

> You can reset your account through [Initialize Account] button on the setting

If you manage to get one or two devils among Brynhild, Mithra, Shiva or Wukong,

then you are good to go on.

Oh, also SR rate devil Chimera and R rate Michael are handy ones.

If you couldn't get Brynhild, Chimera can take her place.

2. Recommended Devils


Tier 1 (Super great) - Brynhild, Mithra

Tier 2 (Great but not super) - Shiva, Wukong


Tier 1 (Super great) - Chimera

Tier 2 (Great but not super) - Nine-tail Fox, Yuki, Seth


Tier 1 (Super great) - Michael

Tier 2 (Great but not super) - Shani

You will have chances to get SSR Devils quite often while playing the game.

So you don't have to rush at all.

* P.S. Though Michael is only a Rate R devil, he is quite handy even in the end contents.

So, I recommend you to take care of him.

3. How we can make our devils stronger?


Don't use Level up potion too much!

It will cost you gold a lot!

You need to save gold for the end-game contents.


> It would be nice to make all member of your party 6 star, but if you can't, tier up your dealer first.

> Clearing event dungeon will help you a lot (Especially Normal stage 1-9)


It would be nice if you make party with fully awakened SSR devils with fully awakened relics.

But, It will cost a lot and I don't think it is wise to spend such money.

So, I recommend you to awaken dealers and its relics first.

4. Relics

In this game, you won't need to use R rate devils.

So sell all R rate Devil and get Devil stones as much as you can.

(Ofcourse, I strongly recommend you not to sell Michael and Shani)

> In PVE contents, Unholy relics are very useful. So You'd better get Unholy Relics for your main dealer first.

> Though Holy relics are very handy in PVP but you won't need it if you don't like PVP contents.

* Also, you don't need to keep relics for R rate devils. Just grind them.

5. How to make our relics strong?

> Playing Abyss hard will be your answer..

> You don't have to make your relic Lv.60. But I recommend you to make your relic 6 tier

Because it provides Awaken effects and Potentials, and those are quite coool!!

6. What contents should we play?

> I strongly recommend you to clear the story first.

First Clear reward and Path of Contracter rewards are quite tremendous!!!

> Then clear the event dungeon and farm various items for awaken your Devils and relics!

And here is the things that will help you if you do them steady.

> Clear Abyss : You can get abyss stone for making your relic stronger.

> Try Total War : It is not important if we win or lose. The important thing is that you can get Total War Point if you try!

You can purchase SSR relics with Total War points!

> Arena : Once again, It is not important if we win or lose. You can get Arena points and you can purchase codex for SSR Devils!

> Try Raid : In first time, it won't give you good rewards. However, in the high level, you can get quite great rewards!!

7. Rune Dungeon = Akashic Record

There are white one and black one.

Of course, you can play both at the same time, but I recommend you to choose one.

Playing both will be quite inefficient in farming your item.

> Farm your Items in the stage 1-6.

> It is great if you make Rune set. However, ft you can't get set, just use SSR rune you have and level up.

>> Then someday you can complete SSR run set.

8. Store

I recommend you items that could be help if you purchase.

The items are as follow.

> Normal Store : N-box (Do not buy R~SSR boxes. YOU MUST SAVE YOUR GOLD FOR LATER.)

> Arena store : Gold and Action Point

> Total War Store : Action point, Gold and ChewChew.

9. Weekly Quests & Daily Quests

> I 'strongly' recommend you now to miss the chance to get 'free' Summon Stone in Daily Quest and Weekly Quest.

You can get 100 Summon stones in the daily quest and 300 summon stones in the weekly quests.

10. Do you have to buy Package?

Well you don't have to buy packages to enjoy the game.

How ever, if you want to buy one, I recommend to buy Starter Package.

Starter Package is super efficient for the cost.

Oh, Event Packages are also not bad.

11. Event Dungeon

> Clear up to Stroy mode up to Hard stage 1-10. Then Try Event Dungeon

> For the Awakening, Event Dungeon is the best Choice

> Get Codex and Relics through the event dungeon and keep them until you get the Devil.

12. Other tips

1) Don't forget to spend Arena / Total War Ticket

2) If you spend 100 diamond, you can get rewards one more time at the Forgotten Ruin!

You can collect Abyss Stone much faster.

3) Don't spend your in-game resources on SR rate Devils. Invest your resources on your SSR type devils.

4) Do not waste your gold! There would be a moment when you need it desperately while you are playing the game.

5) Get Summon stones and battle coin through exploration.

6) You can't use nickname you used already. So if you are planning to reset your account, save the ID you want.

7) Participate weekly and daily event regularly. The small difference will make big gap between you and other players eventually.