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[Zer02] Guide on Abyss

Written by [IGN: Zer02]

Welcome to the Abyss of Night Zero and here is a simple guide to help you clear it at ease.

1) Abyss consist of five battles. It is crucial for you to do Abyss daily because abyss stones can be used to purchase Relic Level/Tier Stone which is crucial to upgrade your devils.

2) You can choose between three difficulty. Higher difficulty gives better rewards.

3) You get 500 Abyss stones for clearing the abyss.

4) You will always get treasure chest on your first selection. The second pick will either be treasure chest, mana potion, healing or damage to your devils. The last one will be a battle with another player. (This will repeat five times)

5) Always have revive units ready to help you block strong attack. Cheap and easy to get R units are Michael and Shani. Alternatively you can use N units to block one atk.

6) You will only be able to use one of each unit. So if you have 10 Michael, you can only bring one. (The strongest one)

7) Always plan ahead and make sure you have enough to clear the abyss. If you don’t like the result, you can reset at the end of the match

8) You get watcher points after every battle. 10 watcher points will give you a chest that consist from 80-120 abyss stones.

9) Sometimes if you are lucky, you can get a red colour chest which gives better reward instead of the normal chest1

10) Mana will be brought forward to the next match.

11) Play with different strategy and most importantly have fun :Hehe:

For the hardcore players:

Tips on how to get 40 watcher points in Abyss

Abyss is quite challenging and one will wonder whether is it possible to get 40 watcher points daily.

40 watcher points per Abyss is possible, you just need some patience, luck and strategy.

Here are some tips:

1) There are 5 fights. Each fight give 8 watcher points the max. So 5*8 = 40 points

2) Mana will bring forward to the next match. You can purposely leave their tank as last target to regen your mana.

3) Healers are great and crucial. Use them to block their tank so you can farm mana. Try to keep them alive

4) You can use 7 one star units to earn mana. Just remember to save so the next match you can spent them using your main units

5) Revival units are useful to help you tank those insane damage

6) Sometimes you can create teams for specific purpose (Like destroy their healer first) An enemy unit that is dead will not go to the next round. But it will be a suicide squad. This makes the next battle easier

7) Always aim their DPS first so you can reduce the damage you are gonna get. Check enemy skills, for example “ vs Baphomet with transfer skill use Yuki to counter “ Every devil have a weakness, you just have to find it.

8) If you don’t like the result, you can always reset. Be wary of one of the devil card which will reduce your current devil hp by 30%. That is why try not to have an important devil to be lower than 30% hp. (Or just pray to the RNG god)

9) Luck plays a big factor as it determine the kind of cards and enemies you are gonna face. If it is too hard, take a break and relax. If you really can’t get 40 watcher point, get 30/20/10 instead, every 10 points will earn you watcher box.

Getting 40 watcher points is challenging but not impossible. Good Luck and have fun.