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Written by [IGN: wanzi]

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Observations by a nobody named wanzi

Dedicated to the Curator ❤

I can write a 20 page research paper but I had a hard time writing this guide because I didn’t know what to start out with. A whole lotta info too, wasn’t sure which to include or not. There were a lot of other submissions I only wish that mine is somewhat good enough to win at least wooden pen. Only started playing near the end of July so I’m still learning as I go. Bear with me here on this guide, lol. I am a smol whale. Honestly I really like this game to the point that I bring it to work and farm while I’m doing other tasks. Literally on the game the moment I wake up. It’s fun and I hope that whoever starts this game will have lots of fun too. Played a lot of other games and imo NZ is pretty generous.

Why play NZ? Pros: strat, devil designs, animation, Japanese VAs, endless things to do, challenging stages but feels good when you 3* them


NZ unofficial discord (THE OG discord though) https://discord.gg/x4vxRFq

NZ official discord (where Curator is) https://discord.gg/efWpzak

NZ website (where you can see announcements, updates, event notices) https://www.nightzeromobile.com/


Table of Contents


*how to use → control + F + ___ to locate the topic you are looking for.*

Introduction (covers what to expect from stages 1-1 to 1-5)

Stages 1-1 to 1-5 (1.1), Abbreviations (1.2), Settings (1.3), Linking (1.4), Log-in bonuses (1.5)

Game Basics

Main screen (2.1), Battles (2.2), Path of Contractor (2.3), Selective Summoning (2.4), Rerolls (2.5), Currency (2.6), Items (2.7), Action Points (2.8), Guild (2.9), 2-10 (Requests), Explorations (2.11), Book of Summons (2.12)


Summons (3.1), Rarity/ Stars (3.2), Upgrading/Awakening/Tiering (3.3), Relics (3.4) Fodders and Chuchus (3.5), Skills (3.6), Management (3.7), Converting (3.8), Speed (3.9)


Limited (4.1), Content (4.2), Packages (4.3), Advanced (4.4)


Bounty Hunt (5.1), Abyss (5.2), Runes (5.3)


Stage basics (6.1), Battle Traits/ Attack ranges (6.2) Story (6.3), Event story (6.4), Consecutive battles (6.5)


Arena (7.1), Total War (7.2)


**NOTE: I could’ve combined Stage Basics (6.1) and Battles (2.2) but by the time I realized, it was a bit late. The pictures I included are weirdly formatted and if I move them, it would throw off the placement of the screenshots………… don’t mind it!


1.1 Post-download, first look at the game “Let’s open this game shall we?”

  • Once you download the game, download the patch, and start the game, you’ll be first taken to the story. There’s an auto cogwheel on the right hand side in case you don’t read and want to fast forward. Too bad there’s no auto-skip for the time being.

  • After going through some monologue, you’ll get a glimpse of the board (usually the one on the left is your team, the devils on the right are your enemies). Too bad Ifrit is weak af to Hastur and her gang and gets obliterated by them

  • Some more monologue and you’ll finish 1-1. Then onto 1-2 where you see monologue between may and rark. After their brief convo, it’ll take you to a battle where curator explains the lovely rules of battle and how to be a DEVIL CURATOR dun dun dunnnnn. You’ll be given a chance to try out a devil’s active skills (which takes 3 mana) Following your win, you get Zephyros and complete 1-2.

  • Once you complete 1-2, you get to the main screen. You get denied access to Management (basically where you can see all the devils you have), after you get your first taste of Selective Summon, jk you gotta complete 1-3 first ahaha!

  • 1-3 is ez pz. Curator goes through how you can manually drag and place your devils on the board to “deploy”. Aside from deploy, you can change which unit goes first. After 1-3, you get a relic box. Pretty much useless as it only gives you N relics. Will go over N relics in the relic section **See selective summoning** once you finish 1-3.

  • Moving on after your first SS (fun rolls who did you end up rolling for!?), you’ll get to 1-4. All stories are saved so you can get back to them, so you are free to click on that SKIP on the top right hand side.

  • Select the top left icon with three lines → then select browse records. (like shown on left)

  • On this tab you can also select Collection to view all acquirable devils rarity from R to SSR. And see their max stats at 966. Can also check their awakening and relic bonuses, as well as the skills that they have.

  • After completing 1-4 which should be a breeze even if auto-deploy, you get your first chuchu! They come at max-levels and are great for tiering. Don’t go accidentally converting them or use them as fodder. Every time you acquire a level (not the devil, but you the MC) your max stam increases too. Hurray!

*Note, right after you read curator’s tutorial for stage 1-5 and learn about traits, you can reroll if you want to!

  • After completing 1-5 that concludes the main intro and curator will leave you to complete 1-10 where you get your next SS. It’ll show up now and then to explain more battle tactics

1.2 Abbreviations

NZ: NightZero

SS: Selective Summoning

TW: total war

NM: nightmare

Hr: holy relic

Uhr: unholy relic

000: awakened/ unholy relic/ holy relic

Ex: 966 = awakened +9/ unholy relic 6/ holy relic 6

Hp: hit point

Atk: attack

Spd: speed

Exp: experience points

AP: action point

Stam: stamina, also another term I use for AP

Lvl: level

POC: path of contractor

DPS: dealers

Multi: multiple summon (the 10 summon option)

#-#: chapter-stage

Ex: 5-5 = chapter 5, stage 5

DoT: damage over time

1.3 Settings

To access settings you can either click the top left corner on your character picture or click on the cogwheel icon on the right hand side. You can adjust your notifications, graphics, sound, account linking, reset, and log out here.

1.4 Linking (android google play, apple’s game center, facebook)

When you first open the game you should see several options whether you want to connect this account to Game Center/ google play/ or guest login. You can start with Guest Login first if you don’t know whether you want to commit to the game yet.

*Even if you close the app after logging in as a guest, you will still have access to the guest account once you open the app again

*However, you will lose your guest account in the case that you delete the app

*If you have another account that is connected to Facebook/phone and you log in, you can still access your guest account. Just log out of your Facebook/phone linked account, and go back to the title screen, and select guest login.

You can link your account to access it from multiple devices

But you cannot have one account open on two devices at the same time (too good to be true, especially when farming)

1.5 Log-in Bonuses

Everyday you log-in you get a reward! And after the 28th day, it resets so you can get even more rewards!

7-day reward: sr codex

14-day reward: sr codex

21-day reward: relic ticket

28-day reward: ssr codex

Game Basics------------------------------------------------------------------------

2.1 Main Screen

2.2 Battle Screen (Deployment, Order, Rewards, Stage stars)

When rearranging the order of the devils, priority to have dps go first. Some players have their tanks first when they want to activate a certain buff or link skill. The more attack moves you can land earlier in the battle, the better.

  • While you are on the main pre-battle screen, you can also see your total power vs the enemy’s.

  • Right above the start button you can see where you can save and load party formations. (Can save up to 10)

  • Once battle starts, on the right hand side you can also adjust speed settings. 1x, 2x, and max.

  • Each battle costs 6 stamina. That is throughout the entire game. No differences between story/event/rune stages regardless of the difficulty level.

  • There are different requirements every stage: annihilating the boss, annihilating all enemies, or survive for a certain amount of turns.

  • With every stage completion you gain MC exp, “contribution” exp that goes towards your devils, items, and gold.

  • Each stage you automatically start with three stars, the longer the battle goes or the more units you lose, that can lead to a loss of a star. You’ll get one star as long as you clear the level. * Thankfully the amount of stars you acquire doesn’t determine your amount of stage rewards, all the same. Each chapter you’ll encounter the more stars you acquire though, you can unlock extra gold, stam, and summon stones

  • Not only can you auto-deploy units, you can also adjust the order and select “auto-order”.

In the Gameplay section, will go over more about the battles.

2.3 Path of Contractor

(get rewards after completing a variety of story quests from normal difficulty to hell!)

Path of contractor is a set amount of quests where you earn extra rewards after completing certain stages. The higher you go, the more good stuff you get!

Starts from 1-1 NORMAL and lasts all the way you reach 12-10 HELL.

*You get a SSR Devil box (randomly gives you one SSR unit that is either dps, tank, or support) after completing 2-10 Normal

**SSR Relic Box after 6-5 NORMAL

**SSR Codex after 2-10 HARD

**SSR Relic Ticket after 12-10 HARD

**SSR Devil Box (tanks only) after 6-10 NIGHTMARE

**SSR Devil Box (dealers only) after 12-10 NIGHTMARE

**SSR Devil Box (supports only) after 6-10 HELL

**SSR Codex after 12-10 HELL

2.4 Selective Summoning (1-3, 1-10, 12-10)

SS is where you get to roll a set amount of times and each roll you are guaranteed only one SSR. In Nightzero, devils are ranked by R (3 stars), SR (4 stars), and SSR (5 stars).

First SS at 1-3, you can roll 10x. Then you have three options: resummon, confirm summon, and confirm later. You can’t go back on your resummons so choose wisely! At 1-3, I’d highly recommend getting a dealer SSR on your first SS. On some rolls, you may even get a one or more SRs along with that single SSR which is considered a nice roll too!

*Note that Tyr is a SSR devil that can be acquired from the Book of Summons

My recommendations to get dealer at 1-3, dealer/tank at 1-10, tank at 12-10. But hey, you can get whoever you find fancy!

2.5 Rerolls

(if you don’t like who you initially rolled in SS, you can reset to start over)

Go to settings → Reset → Click ok → Type in the box the statement “Confirm initialize the account” → Click ok

***Reset is only accessible in settings after completing 1-4, after you finish going through what the curator has to say about traits in the tutorial stage of 1-5 NORMAL, go to main screen → settings → reset, you do not have to start the battle of 1-5.***

2.6 Currency (gold, summon stones, diamonds)

Where to use gold?

Limited shop → devil boxes on sale, relic level stones, relic tier stones, arena tickets. Save gold as it is needed to tier devils, level and awaken runes. Player’s don’t have access to runes until after completing story stage 1-10 hard, therefore just use gold on Limited Shop (or leveling up units only if you are getting stuck on a stage and need that boost).

And if you do decide to level your units using exp pots, you don’t need to level it all the way. Devils have a level limit (until you tier to 6*) and try to adjust deployment/order/ ask on discord if you ever stuck. People on NZ discord are helpful.

**Gold is very scarce unless you farm a lot of stages, use VERY WISELY

**I’d advise against buying exp pots from limited shop because you get those easily from quest rewards and along the way when you complete stages.

Where to use diamonds?

Management storage upgrade, Rune storage upgrade, buy stam, the “all-devil box” available in limited gold and diamond stop (if you have an abundance of diamonds go get em all-devil boxes and gamble your rng)

Priority of what to buy using diamonds that I recommend: action points > arena tickets > total war tickets (not THAT worth, but good if you wanting to get enough coins to purchase items from TW shop, or if you’re like me and is barely at the border between two rankings) > summon stones

2.7 Items (relic boxes, devil boxes, ap pots, relic tickets, codexes)

  • Relic boxes are rng boxes that give you a randomized relic (includes hr and uhr)

  • N relics have no real use at the moment, feel free to convert them into relic points to use in the relic shop.

  • Ap pots come in (5) and (60). The 60 ap pots you can buy from guild, arena, and TW shop. The 5 ap pots you can acquire from each arena battle. These ones you gain regardless of winning or losing the match so it’s recommend do so arena as much as you can.

  • Relic tickets: you get to choose which relic you want unlike relying on the rng of relic boxes. Go to main screen → item → consumables → relic ticket → select devil → select unholy or holy → receive

Can get relic ticket from relic stone shop.

  • Codexes: used as a “dupe” for awakening a devil. There are only two kinds so far, SR codex (acquired from total war shop and log-in bonus), and SSR codexes (from combining ssr relic fragments, arena shop, log-in bonus). To use go to main screen → item → consumable → material → codex → select devil → receive. Following that to actually use the extra devil to awaken go to management → select devil → awaken → select dupe → awaken.

2.8 Action points

  • Each stage, no matter whether it be the story, event, or rune, all require 6 action points for one battle.

  • Certain times throughout the day where you can collect bonus stam.

2.9 Guild (guild shop, guild request) unlocks after 4-5

  • At the moment, the guild serves as just a place where you can collect daily stam/gold, purchase ap pots, chuchus, and more gold

  • Guild Wars probably coming up (far far distant future!)

  • Easy to complete guild requests as long as you doing your dailies.

2.10 Requests (Daily, Weekly, Main)

  • Plenty of quests to complete on a daily and weekly level. Even at level 70, I’m still not finished with all my main quests.

**Note you also get free stam and 100 summon stones just from checking out the request page daily.

2.11 Explorations unlocks after 2-1

  • Can use any devil (easy way to level devils that aren’t used as much)

5 different areas to acquire: summon stones, arena battle coins, abyss stones, devil boxes, and exp pots

Personally recommend: abyss stones and summon stones

  • Send up to two exploration teams

If a devil is used for exploration, you can still use them in battle.

  • Different success rates: normal, great success, ultimate success

Area 1 automatically unlocks after completing 2-1.

Area 2: reach level 5

Area 3: reach level 10

Area 4: reach level 20

Area 5 (highest level): reach level 30

2.12 Book of Summons unlocks after 3-5

  • The Book of Summons allows you to summon a selected few Rs, SRs, and Tyr (the only SSR) after completing some requests.

  • Tyr’s summon requires a whole lotta farming.

  • There is no expiration date so take your time completing the requests needed to unlock requirements to summon the devils in this book.

2.13 Combine

  • It is possible to combine items in NZ but because it does take a hefty amount of gold, I would not recommend it. Only combine soulstones (that you can get from events) or the SSR relic ticket.


3.1 Summons (Devils, Relics, Unholy relics, Rates)

You get a free summon every day! Good luck on your rolls.

Three main types of devils: dealer, tank, support.

  • Dealers: mainly for dealing damage

  • Tank: either have higher hp pool and can revive

  • Support devils are like tanks that gives team buffs. Can serve as tank placeholder but not as tanky. So if you are trying to roll for a tank, consider support-type units later.

Devils: There are three different pools: event banner, custom summon, normal summon (you get one free summon a day). 1x costs 100 stones, 10x cost 900 summon stones

Relic pools: Only two types of relic pools, unholy and holy. Will cover more about relics in 3.4. 1 relic summon costs 800 devil stones, 10x cost 7200 devil stones

**When it comes to summoning, best to focus on one team at a time. Decide on 7 units that you will be using as your main team, and focus on them first. Don’t stretch out your resources or else you team will be unbalanced. Strengthen the SSRs that you ended up with on your SS and have them carry you. Roll their dupes to +3, and roll their hr and uhr to boost them.

Devil Rates for SSRs: 1.5% overall (1.0% for banner unit, 0.03% for other SSR)

Rates for SRs: 4.5% overall (0.23% for each SR)

Rates for Rs: 94% overall (lol) (3.13% each R)

Relic Rates for SSRS: 3% overall (2% for banner unit, 0.05% for other SSR)

Rates for SRs: 9% overall (0.45% for each SR)

Rates for Rs: 88% overall (2.93% for each R)

3.2 Rarity, Stars

There are four rarity: N, R, SR, and SSR

N are 1* (cannot be acquired from summon, only devil boxes)

R are 3* SR are 4* SSR are 5*

  • The max is 6* (which is only available by tiering a devil you already own)

  • Notable R units are the ones with revive like Michael and Shani. Easy to summon, and their relics are fairly common when rolling. (More relics = more speed!)

  • If you do acquire a lot of R units, don’t awaken and imprint relics on all of them. Advised to keep one just for collection and convert the rest. Focus on 2-3 R units you like to keep.

  • Notable SR units are chimera, ninetails, verandi, and tsukuyomi, seth, Athena, isis, urd

  • All SSR units are great technically there is no “best ssr” because all have different skills and serve different purposes. Do try and take some time to read their skills.

  • There is an outdated tier list available that was made but use it as a reference and not as a definite guide.

*Save as many units that have the revive skill, they will come in handy in abyss, arena, stages. You do not necessarily have to upgrade them, just at least collect one to have on hand* (Michael is an exception IMO, I went and 966 him lol)

3.3 Upgrading: awakening and tiering

Awakening: using a duplicate devil (Max awakening is +9)

When awakened to a certain point, bonus effects are added to their skills (does not apply to R units)

For SRs, at +3

For SSRs, at +3 and +6

Tiering: enhancing them to increase the star (*) count (Max tiering is to 6*)

The devil must be max level before you can tier them

To tier a devil,

let’s start with a 1* N devil at lvl 1:

→ Let’s say you need to tier this 1* into a 2*, first you gotta max level the 1* that you want to tier to lvl 10. Then, you find another 1* (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MAX LEVEL) and click on the max leveled 1* to tier it up using the other 1*.

*note that the following calculations are using 1-9 HARD, and leveling 6 devils at a time, with one main unit that’s used to one shot the boss

→ 1* to 2* (takes one 1* at max lvled 10 + one 1*) = 60 stam to max level a 1* @ event stage 1-9 10 battles

costs 1k each to tier a 1*. 60 stam = six 1* to tier to six 2*

→ 2* to 3* (takes one 2* max lvled 20 + two 2*) takes 120 stam to max level a 2*

costs 2k gold each to tier a 2*. 120 stam = six 2* to tier to six 3* 20 battles

→ 3* to 4* (takes one 3* max lvled 30 + three 3*) takes 180 stam to max level a 3* = six 3* devils to six 4* 37 battles

costs 4k gold each to tier a 3*

→ 4* to 5* (takes one 4* max lvled 40 + four 4*) takes 436 stam to max level a 4* = six 4* devils to six 5* 73 battles

costs 20k gold each to tier a 4*

Takes about 125 fodders for one 5* = Approx 1.5k stam (1440~) for one 5*; requires approx 7.2k stam to get enough 5* fodders to tier a 5* unit to 6* (this calculation does not include the stam required to max level the 5* that will be tiered into a 6*)

In total, requires 625 fodders to tier a unit to 6* Can tier up to 10 devils at a time

The auto feature, where you click either “auto” or “select all” is really helpful as once you manually select your 10 devils to tier, game will automatically select the fodders to use in tiering.

Note: the auto selection doesn’t select devils at max level which is helpful because you don’t accidentally want to auto tier a devil that is maxed level

*Do not use a max leveled devil to use as fodder when tiering a devil

*Best stages to fodder are those stages that ask you to eliminate the boss but the most notable one is event stage 1-9 NORMAL and 1-9 HARD.

3.4 Relics (Unholy relics, holy relics, N relics, relic tickets, relic ticket fragments)

Relics are items you can get from summoning, or relic boxes that you can imprint onto your devil to give them extra stat boosts. To access, go to management → click of the devil → unholy relic or holy relic → imprint

After you imprint a relic (costs gold), you can always unequip them (costs slightly more gold)

For all R, SR, and SSR units when you first equipped their matching UHR, it unlocks the unholy skill

Unholy relics: at the 3rd and 6th matching unholy relic for a SSR unit, this usually unlocks an added skill effect, also gives column buff.

*for SR units, only at the 3rd matching UHR, that the skill acquires an extra effect, nothing at matching 6 UHR*

Holy relics: can give hp (tanks) or atk (dps) bonus

*****You can imprint relics that don’t match with the devil, just that the bonus effect that you gain will be 2% instead of 5%*****

*Relic imprinting also gives speed

You can imprint up to 6 unholy and 6 holy relics.

If you want to rank high in arena, holy relics are important because it gives you more speed. The higher the speed, the more it helps determine if you will take the first turn in arena match

Tank holy relics usually give HP bonus, while DPS holy relics give atk bonus.

Unholy relics give column buff, and at the 3rd matching relic, unit acquires an extra effect on their skill (dmg increase, buff, or ability to debuff enemy - like wburn, freeze, stun, weaken).

How to level/ tier relics?

  • To upgrade a relic, you start off by leveling them up to max level. To do so, purchase some relic level stones

  • There are two types of relic stones used: 1) Relic Level and 2) Relic Tier

You use relic level stones to level up relics then tier them. Max tier is 6*

  • Go to main screen → store → content store → abyss → purchase relic level stones.

  • Use them by going to management → devil → uhr/ hr relic tab → level → click on the plus sign to as high as you can go → confirm.

Level 1 to level 10 relic: 200 relic level stones

Tier 1: 10 relic tier stones

Level 10 to level 20 relic: 300 relic level stones

Tier 2: 20 relic tier stones

Level 20 to level 30: 300 relic level stones

Tier 3: 30 relic tier stones

Level 30 to level 40: 300 relic level stones

Tier 4: 40 relic tier stones

Level 40 to level 50: 300 relic level stones

Tier 5: 50 relic tier stones

And so forth. Highest is 6* relic level.

*once you hit relic tier 3, be careful of how much abyss stones you’re buying, easy to spend a couple thousand stones at once for relic upgrading*

How do you know which relic to focus on for the devil?

  • Just like your other resources, use them wisely! Don’t go tiering both UHR and HRfor one specific devil at once. Recommended: dealer’s uhr → tank’s hr → supporters hr

  • Recommend that when you get your first few abyss stones from abyss, use them on dealers first. (cause with tanks, they can still get one-shotted and these hp % bonuses aren’t crazy high)

  • Only until you have a huge abundance of extra relic stones that you can start working on the other relic. But the game always have new devils released so just save as much as you can

What to do with extra relics (like N relics)? Convert them to use in relic shop.

  • To convert → main screen → item → relics

  • Recommended to save up for SSR Relic Box or SSR Relic Ticket

Leveling and tiering relics:

just like with devils, you can level your relics first before tiering them. Purchase relic level stones and relic tier stones from the content shop: abyss store. Once you max level the devil’s relic, you can tier them!

3.5 Fodders and chuchus

  • Fodders = all devils you get from N devil boxes

N devil boxes you can get from stages, quest rewards, special event packages

  • Recommended place to level fodders = event stage 1-9 NORMAL/HARD (or any other stage where the requirement is just to annihilate the boss)

  • Chuchus all come at max level making them prime for tiering up (can get from shops or quests)

3.6 Skills (Passive and active)

A devil has two types of skills: active and passive

  • Active skills all require 3 mana to use in battle

  • Passive skills automatically apply when in battle

*Skills to watch out for:

  • Ban follow-up damage

  • Hit transfer: transfer damage inflicted on the unit to the unit at the front of the row

  • Stealth: turns the unit invisible and will not take any dmg until all other units are defeated

  • Distraction: tank with distraction will receive all the damage aimed at ally within the same attack range.

  • On hit heal: heals after every hit

  • Remove sustained heal

  • Barrier: creates a shield that gives the unit more hp

  • Remove barrier/ link/ hit transfer

  • Ban heal: unit that has sustained heal cannot heal themselves

  • Ban on-hit effect

  • Link: when activated, the unit will take all damage received from the other units on the same row (kind of like hit transfer)

  • Resurrect: revive with 1 hp or more

  • Death heal (you’ll come across this often in higher story stages. When you see enemies with super high hp, you’ll need to defeat the enemy devil, usually Morrigan, to activate death heal → so that the enemies who has sustained heal, will lose hp rather than heal)

  • Debuffs: freeze, stun, weakening, silence, burn, poison, infection, bleed, electrocute (DoTs are deadly)

3.7 Management (level, tier, convert, lock)

On the left you can see:

  • Brynhild’s * count (5 stars)

    If you click on the tiny magnifying glass next to the name you can see her extensive stats

  • Level

  • Power and speed

  • Trait

  • Attack range

  • Active and Passive skills

On the left you see:

  • Their matching unholy and holy relic

  • Potential

    Devil gets stat bonuses in many ways including relics and runes that further develop their potential

Whether you awaken them for the first time, tier them to 6*, relic tiering both UHR and HR to 6, give them matching relics

  • Runes that are equipped

Level: Using exp pots to level is not recommended unless you have plenty of gold. If you want to max level one devil quickly, go ahead, but do not mass level devils with exp pots as that can drain your gold very quickly. It is easy to level them through stages.

Convert: Do not convert N devils and chuchus, they will be used as fodder when tiering your main units

Lock: SSR devils are automatically locked. If you want to awaken a SSR unit with a duplicate, don’t forget to unlock them

3.8 Converting

(devils can be converted to devil stones, in turn, devil stones are needed for relic summons!) Do not convert N devils. They are terrible to convert since they only give a measly 2 devil stones. It takes 7.2k devil stones to do a multi-roll for relic summons

R devils = 400 devil stones SR devils = 2000 devil stones SSR devils = 4000 devil stones (please don’t convert SSR devils unless you have all the SSR units you collected at 966, they are automatically locked anyways so that you can’t “accidentally” convert them)

In the rare case that you want to convert a devil that you awakened, the devil stones amount that you get decreases by each awakening

* You want to convert a +1 Tsukuyomi. The amount of devil stones that you’ll get: 2000 (base) + 1600. So it doesn’t count as 2 actual copies of Tsukuyomi (depreciation value exists everywhere, lol)

3.9 Speed

Can get speed from relic imprinting and awakened runes

Useful in abyss and arena to determine which teams go first. The higher the speed, the higher the possibility your units will go first before the opposing team.


4.1 Limited (Diamond and gold shop refreshes every 3 hours

4.2 Content (abyss, arena, TW, arena skin, relic)

  • Abyss stones you get from abyss to purchase relic level and relic tier stones

  • Arena coins you get from fighting in the Arena

  • Whether you win or lose, you still earn a set amount of arena coins depending on which ranking range you are in

  • The best things in the shop are the SSR codexes in my opinion, but the SR codex and All devil boxes are tempting too. Mainly because it’ll take a whole lotta arena fights to even acquire 40k arena points

  • In the beginning I recommend buying the gold and AP pots until you rank higher than diamond. Once then, start saving for that SSR Codex!

  • Coins you earn from TW.

  • I do not recommend buying AP pot and gold here instead save up for the SR Relic Ticket (or SR relic fragments). The SSR ticket fragment is a real long term investment and unless you rank top 10, save mainly for SR relic tickets. You can only battle a set amount of TW anyways, so save all the AP point/ gold purchasing for the arena shop

Self-explanatory but if you need an explanation, susanoo and lucifer became a waifu

To view the skin before or after purchase, go to main screen → management → select on devil → click on the tiny tiny shirt icon on the devil (located on the left of the potential box) → click on skin


  • When you convert extra relics, you get relic points! It really is up to you as a player whether or not you want to save up for the SSR rng relic box or the relic ticket.

  • It’s either you like CHOOSING which relic you get or you like the gamble of the rng relic box. Id personally prefer choosing my relics as there are so many SSR units and assuming you who read this just started playing, doubt that you collected all the units. Might as well get a relic for a unit you use and want to get stronger.

  • I do not recommend purchasing any relic level/tier stones in this shop. Go to the abyss store fo’ that.

4.3 Packages

There are several types of packages to purchase in-game. The most worth it would be the $4.99 first package. This includes SSR Box and 500 diamonds. Could only wish we could buy this more than once, lol.

  • Only suggestion is to purchase this after getting your SSR Box from 2-10. Just in case you didn’t like the devil from 2-10 and want to reroll.

Next I will separate packages into two categories: limited event, and normal

The event packages are more it than the standard perm packages because they come at a lower cost and if doing the calculations, you get more bang for your buck.

The normal perm packages:

  • Level 1 and Level 2: you get a good amount of diamonds from this. Highly recommend.

  • Daily diamond package: highly recommend. If you plan to spend on a long-term basic get the $29.99 which includes ssr relic fragments too. You’ll have to purchase this twice though to collect enough fragments to combine into a ssr relic ticket (100)

  • SSR Devil Package: highly recommend. You don’t really need the exp pots but the amount of diamonds and the ssr devil box is nice! Good luck with the rng!

  • Summon special package: highly recommend. Out of the three perm summon packages including summon package 1 and 2, this should be purchased before them as it’s pretty worth. $13 USD for 3 rolls compared to Summon 1 where it’s $15 per roll, and Summon 2 where it’s $18 per roll. Resets weekly

  • Summon 1: high recommend. If whale, recommended to purchase this after summon special package and before summon 2. Resets monthly

  • Summon 2: recommend, but it’s pricey. You get enough for 5 rolls ($18 per). Might as well wait for the summon special pack to reset on a weekly basis. Resets monthly

  • Devil up package: do not recommend, primarily useful items in this package is the 4* chuchu and 5k diamonds. Best to invest in other packages with diamonds

  • Relic up package: kind of recommend, best to go the ol’ fashion way and acquire abyss stones from abyss. When you are higher than tier 3 for your relics, 10k abyss stones don’t amount to much. The diamonds are nice though

  • Rune up: recommend. The 20k rune powder will last you for a while, and the game is nice enough to include gold for your rune leveling needs. Though that 300k will deplete very quickly ahahaha.

4.4 Advanced - Hold my devil, let me roll in them diamonds real quick

  • First purchase of each diamond pack gives you x2 bonus. After that first purchase, there is still a bonus for each diamond package but just not as much.

  • Desperate times calls for desperate measures and speaking to the whales out there: the $99.99 pack first purchase is good for converting into summon stones to roll. Just sayin’


5.1 Bounty Hunt (Unlocks at 4-10 Normal)

  • Every day you get 3 tickets (cannot be bought, refreshed daily)

  • Until you reach level 59, when you fail the Bounty Hunt level, the ticket isn’t considered used until you win. Only after level 59 that each ticket will be used regardless of outcome.

  • Scout takes 1 ticket, increases stats. Each scout increases stats by 10%

  • Bounty Hunt resets every month

  • Rewards given up to level 59, try to reach this level before month resets

  • If you get stuck, go scout!

  • Rankings are pretty much just for show and serve no real purpose (except gloating rights)

5.2 Abyss (Unlocks at 5-5 Normal)

  • Best place to get abyss stones. The other places to get abyss stones are from the abyss package which is highly discouraged unless you are a whale and is absolutely desperate to use it to strengthen a devil, and from exploration. Even at the highest exploration level, you can only get up to 100 abyss stones (maybe slightly more if its an ultimate success)

  • Once you first enter abyss, you’ll see your list of devils. If it’s your first time, it’ll probably be blank. Just enter your first enemy encounter and the next time you see the bar, your devils will be shown there.

  • Before we go over the cards, do note the Clear % on the left side. It goes up to 100%.

  • On the left side you see the silhouette of a devil (kinda looks like a bat to me) and the numbers 0/10. This shows the amount of points you gathered from each enemy encounter. You encounter an enemy at every 3rd card. Total of 5 enemy encounters per abyss run.

  • Enemy encounters: easy (2 pt), normal (4 pt), hard (8 pt)

  • After acquiring 10 pts from enemy encounters, you get a bonus chest. During this bonus, you have an option to use diamonds and get a 2nd bonus! Usually the first bonus chests don’t give out many abyss stones, but the purchased bonus chest can give out more abyss stones. **Highly recommended to use diamonds to purchase the 2nd bonus chest.**

  • There are three cards for you to choose from. Pick a card any card.

  • Highly recommend to do at easy enemy encounters first. Once you got some runes on your units, then start doing normal/hard encounters.

The fixed sequence of abyss:

  • Treasure chest → treasure chest → enemy encounter (battle)→ treasure chest → rng (restore mana, restore hp, devil encounter that decreases all unit’s hp, abyss box *rare*) → enemy encounter → treasure chest → rng → treasure chest → enemy encounter → treasure chest → rng → enemy encounter → treasure chest → rng → enemy encounterCLEAR!

  • There are only 5 enemy encounters throughout the abyss run, if you complete all at the hardest difficulty, you should have enough points for 4 bonus chests (up to 40 pts).

  • With every enemy counter, the power levels do increase, be careful of choosing your enemy!

  • If you feel comfortable with your team, you can also start with difficulty: hard, then see how you do. If it’s too hard, just go down the difficulty level. Always try to maximize your points! But remember that there are only FIVE encounters in total. Don’t forget to math, lol.

  • Once you lose a unit, you lose it for the entire abyss run, so watch out and try not to lose your best units at the very beginning

  • Try to have a variety of units to use for battle *recommended to have all units that have revive so that you can use them as sacrifices and rotate through them*

If you select a difficulty but can’t succeed, you can always reset the difficulty. Only once you entered the battle, on the top right corner there’s an arrow that says ‘reset battle’

5.3 Runes (Unlocks at 1-10 Hard) AKASHIC RECORD

Like relics, when runes are equipped, they can increase a unit’s stats. ( Can equip up to 6)

  • First, there are two color runes, white and black. Pick one, and stick with it! Each color alternates being accessible every other day, with Sunday having both white and black akashic records opened.

  • Each color has ten stages to unlock.

  • After first unlocking runes, recommended to get to as highest stage as you can. The belief is that the higher stage rune, the higher chance to obtain SSR runes.

  • If farming, try to reach at least 1-5, 1-7, or 1-10 (1-10 is the highest level).

  • *For convenience, you can auto-farm for runes. There is the option of selecting consecutive battle above the start button. You can select if you want to auto-dismantle [R] or [SR and lesser] runes.

  • When completing a rune stage you obtain rune and gold

There are rune rarities too: R, SR, and SSR

  • R runes: each equipped gives 1% increased stat / SR runes: 5% / SSR runes: 10%

  • It is free to equip/ unequip runes.

  • By leveling and awakening your runes, runes give an even bigger stat boost.

  • Runes can be converted to rune powder (rune powder is needed to level a rune)

Leveling Runes:

When leveling runes, runes gain a major stat jump based on grade potentials at level 3, 6, and 9 (either s, a, b, or c). Max level is 9.

Costs: SSR Rune/SR Rune (33,900g + 2,330 powder)

Level 1: 600g 40 powder

Level 2: 600g 40 powder

Level 3: 1200g 80 powder

+ bonus potential

Level 4: 1200g 80 powder

Level 5: 1200g 80 powder

Level 6: 1600g and 110 powder

+ bonus potential

Level 7: 6100g and 420 powder

Level 8: 6100g and 420 powder

Level 9 increase: 15300g and 1060 powder

+bonus potential

  • SSR potential bonuses (for base atk, dmg rate, base hp, crit dmg): S= 6.4%, A= 3.2, B= 1.6 C= 0.8. Max rune level %= 31.6% at SSS. 0.4% every other level. STARTS AT 10%

  • SSR potential bonuses (for crit rate, dmg reduction): S= 3.2%, A = 1.6, B = 0.8 C= 0.4. 0.2% every other level. BASE is 5%

  • SR potential bonuses (for base atk, dmg rate, base hp, crit dmg) S= 3.2%, A= 1.6, B = 0.8, C = 0.4, 0.2% every other level. STARTS at 5%

  • SR potential bonuses (for crit rate, dmg reduction) S= 1.6%, A= 0.8, B = 0.4, C = 0.2, 0.1% every other level. STARTS at 2.5%

When reaching level 3, 6, or 9, the rune can obtain either an S, A, B, or C potential (bonus %).

  • If the rune ever has a C, it’s pretty much a bust. Use it as awakening fodder for the SSR runes

  • Don’t bother leveling R runes, rune powder is scarce too! And it takes up gold … (unless you farm for rune 24/7 on your designated rune day)

Rune Sets: when you equip a rune onto a devil, there are bonus stats acquire when matching 2 and 4 sets known as “set bonuses”. Different runes stats include: base atk, damage rate, critical rate, critical damage, hp, damage reduction)

When equipping runes you want a set of matching 2 runes, and a set of matching 4 runes. At matching 4 runes you get +10 speed and additional bonus stats.

  • Preferred for DPS: atk, dmg rate, crit rate, crit dmg

  • Preferred for Tanks: hp, dmg reduc

  • When awakening runes, you get a speed bonus after the 6th awakening

SSR: +2 awakening 2% bonus, +4 2% bonus, +6 add 5 speed

SR: +2 awakening 1% bonus, +4 1% bonus, +6 add 2 speed

  • First starting off rune farming, farm as much as you can without dismantling yet.

  • Once your main units have at least SR rune, when farming, should just auto-dismantle any additional SR runes acquired.

Awakening runes:

you’ll have to unlock them before awakening. Go to main screen → inventory → runes → owned runes → lock → select the ones to unlock


6.1 Stage basics (Speed and Traits)

  • Regarding devil skills, you can either go manual or auto. I’d suggest auto for those who are new to rpg strat style games. You can select and deselect auto at any time throughout the battle.

  • Definitely pay attention to the middle of the screen where there’s usually a tip. Some stages are tricky where some enemies have skills that they don’t normally have (giving them extra hp, turns, or actives).

  • On the battle screen, you can see the list of devils you own you can slide your list left and right and deploy those you wish. Whether it be on your list or on the board, every time you click to select on a devil you can see their power, speed, traits, attack range, and skills.

  • Quick deployment is where the game deploys usually the strongest devils on your team randomly. This can actually get you quite far in the first few chapters so don’t hesitate so take advantage of it to rush through. Once you get stuck, you can move them then.

  • Speed does not apply in story or event stages, highly likely that the enemy goes first

  • Battle goes depending on battle order

  • Units go in order using their normal skill, and when there is enough mana generated, the unit also uses their active skill

For example, my order is Chim, Tyr, Susanoo

Chim (normal skill), Tyr (normal skill), once enough mana generates Chim uses active skill, Susanoo (normal skill) then when enough mana generates the next time Tyr uses active skill, and so forth.

  • After completing a story/event stage, you acquire stars, max being up to 3.

  • At the beginning of each stage you automatically start with having three stars. If you lose a set amount of units or a set amount of turns have passed and the battle is not over, a star will be lost.

  • 3* stages are important as it unlocks more rewards in that specific difficulty level.

  • Usually can get them once you get 10 stars (stam), 20 stars (gold), or 30 (summon stones)

    I highly recommend not collecting the extra stam reward once you accumulate 10 stars, and save it for when you farm. When you first start out the game, you get plenty of stam. I would suggest collecting it when you get to 1-9 HARD for event story or 1-7 or higher in Akashic Records for rune farming.

6.2 Battle Traits/ Attack Ranges

Every unit has a battle trait. The four of them being shown above.

There are also devils with no traits (example: Ea, Orochi, Tsukuyomi, Artemis).

  • These with no trait usually hit the devil at the frontmost corresponding to their row.

Sneak focuses on the back, jump focuses on the front.

  • Tip is to match two sneaks or two jumps together. Usually your sneak/jump devil will take out the tank matching that trait, while the second devil with same trait will attack the dps that the enemy tank was blocking.

  • Also make use of your block devils! If there is a dps on the corresponding row, place a devil with the block S or block J trait to deter them from hitting your dps.

When deploying your devils, check both the trait and attack range so you can format who your devil is attacking.

In battle, every devil has a variety of attack ranges.

To check attack range, in the pre-battle screen where you deploy, hold down on a devil, that will show you their attack range.

  • Single tile

  • 2 tile/ 2 column (example: Mithra for 2 tile row, Tyr for 2 column)

Tyr is a special case as if she is placed on either the top or bottom rows, her range is only 2 column. If you place her in the middle, she can deal damage on an entire column.

  • Cross

  • 9x9 (indra)

  • Full column (chim/ brynhild)

  • 3 tile (hastur/ tsukuyomi)

  • Cross (verandi)

(Strat against those with 9x9 range, place blocks corresponding to that devil type (block s or block j) on the top or bottom row)

Place your blocks accordingly to take the damage. As well as space out your units.

6.3 Story (Normal, Hard, Nightmare, Hell)

  • Four difficulty levels, 12 chapters each, 10 stages each chapter

Only at 1-1 to 12-10 Normal that there will be story scenes.

  • Read the tips shown on the deployment screen as there are times when the devils have extra skills, or gets super buffed depending on which column/ row that you deploy.

  • Rewards include SR runes, gold, devil/ relic boxes, summon stones, stam.

6.4 Event Story (Normal and Hard)

  • When you first start the game, you get access to Tyr’s event and lasts approx 4 days. Can also get event points to use in the event store.

  • There will also be a banner devil event alongside Tyr’s event.

  • Every event store gives you an opportunity to purchase the codex and the unholy relic of the devil in this event. The skin is limited only to Tyr’s event. Other events do not necessarily have any skins available to purchase.

  • Event story chapter 1-9 on both normal and hard are great to level up fodders as well as acquiring more devil boxes (do keep in mind that this is not the ONLY stage. There are some story stages that you can farm as well). To also note, this stage gives gold but it’s not the ONLY stage to farm gold. There are stages in NM and Hell where more gold can be farmed.

  • Also 1-9 is great to fast farm for some event points too!

*Devil boxes acquired after the completion of the battle is severely rng.

6.5 Consecutive Battles

You can auto-farm in this game! Best for getting your runes, fodder boxes, and gold (lol, gold…)

Consecutive battles allows you to configure settings before you start

  • How many battles

  • Whether you want to stop the auto when you lose

  • Runes only: dismantle [R] or [SR and lesser]

  • Vibrate to notify you when it ends

  • Power save: dims the brightness of the screen when in battle


7.1 Arena unlocks after 4-1 NORMAL

  • Similar to a regular stage but it’s against other players. You can’t see their units only their formation.

  • Keep in mind the speed at the top as that will determine which user goes first.

  • You cannot manually use your skills in area but you can change the speed.

  • You can also run consecutive battles in arena but since everyone’s formation is so different, you’ll need a well-rounded team to be able to go against them. (for example, some teams have main hitters on bottom, some have main hitters on top)

  • Adjust the order and deployment of your devils and make sure your tanks can block the enemy. Everyone’s formation is different and unique so you might have to move yours around to adapt accordingly.

*You get to set up your defense as well. Your units change and grow stronger so don’t forget to update it (unlike me, I forgot).

  • The max arena tickets you can get at a time is 10. It is possible to buy more and hold more than 10 tickets at a time. *Note that when you are over 10, the timer to refresh tickets stops and you cannot get any additional tickets unless you purchase them.

  • Every 30 minutes (if you are under 10 tickets), a ticket is replenished.

  • Whether you win or lose the match, you still get arena coins to use in the arena shop.

  • Arena rankings reset every week.

  • Depending on your points, you are placed into a specific ranking. Once the week resets, the ranking that you were in last, will be the same at reset. Ex. If you were in beginner rankings when you started at the beginning of the week, and you climbed to diamond, when reset, you will start off in diamond.

*If you disconnected (or exit) from the match, it still counts a ticket used. You can check on your list of attacks to confirm

Successful attack +10 pts, unsuccessful attack -8 pts

Successful defense +6 pts, unsuccessful defense -5 pts

7.2 Total War

It’s like arena but x3 of them for one match.

Similar rules to arena*

Unlike arena, you can see the enemy’s first team but not their other two.

  • Tip: since you can see their first team, place your best units there to guarantee an east win. That’s ½ matches down.

  • The other two make sure you got them revive units handy!

You need to three different teams to go against the other player’s three team.

  • Instead of spreading out your best units into three different teams, work with just two as you only need to win 2 out of the 3 matches. The 3rd consecutive win just gives you a bonus point.

One TW ticket replenishes every 4 hours. (Can replenish up to 6 a day)

  • Can buy up to an additional 5 per day.

Watch your ticket timer and don’t let it max out! Since TW tickets are already scarce.


Who to roll for?

Whoever you like. Should roll for at least one aoe dps, single dps, then tanks. Make sure to have a good balance of block s and block j tanks.

How to use N devils and chuchus?

As fodder. Don’t convert them!

Who to use codex/ relic tickets on?

Save it. Don’t rush to use it. Wait until you get close to +3 or a unit that gives a decent bonus effect on their skill/relic.

How to level up units?

Try not to use exp pots as it costs gold that you may not have enough of (unless you have over 3m gold then maybe). Go back to your previous stages and farm there to gain exp. Or put the units in exploration. This way takes a while but if you’re not in a rush, exploration helps give free exp too. Just that it takes time

Thanks for going through this guide. - Wanzi