[Update] New PVP Content : Total War

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hello! This is CM_Curator from the Night Zero Dev team!

Today, I would like to talk about Total War, the new PvP mode you can enjoy after this update.

1. Opening Condition: Clear Normal Stage 6-10

2. How to Participate?

A. Entrance : Main Lobby > PVP > Total War



In order to play Total War mode, you need 1 Total War Ticket.

In every 4 hour, the Total War Tickets are refilled automatically.

You can purchase 5 additional Total War Ticket which are only sold once a day at the Store.

B. Defense Team Formation

You can deploy your team that defends challenges from your opponents.

(Total War > Defence Team Formation)

In order to play Total War, you have to form 3 parties with maximum of 21 of your devils.

C. Match Start (Total War > Match Start)

The battle will proceed sequentially. (From Team 1 to Team 3)

The user who achieved victory twice in the 3 battles will be a winner.

If you sweep all three battles, you can get a bonus 1 point.

Although You can check your opponent parties' formation, you can't check what devil your opponent deployed.

By using the image button at the below, you can change your formation easily.


You have only 10 minutes to set your team.

If you failed to set your team within the time, it will be considered as forfeiting the game.

3. Rewards

A. Participation Reward

1) If you participate in Total War mode, you can acquire Total War Coins as a daily quest reward. (Main Lobby > Daily Request > Daily Quest)

2) You can acquire Total War Coins based on your current points.

Every time you play the Total Ward mode, you can get Total War Coins regardless of the result of the battle. (New)

B. Season Reward

1) Each Total War Season will be held on a weekly basis just as the same as Arena mode.

2) When you enter the Total War mode, you can receive the following rewards based on your tier of the previous season.

* You can receive your rewards when you enter the Total War mode of the next season.

4. Total War Shop : Main Lobby > Content Store > Total War

With Total War Coin you have aquired, you can purchase various items such as SSR Relic Ticket Fragments.

You can acquire SSR Relic ticket by combing its tickets at the inventory.


TITLE : 新規のPVPコンテンツ [総力戦] アップデート!!



1. コンテンツオープン条件 : 一般ステージ 6-10 クリア

2. 参加方法

A. 入場 : (メインロビー 〉PVP 〉総力戦)






B. 守備パーティの編成

相手の攻撃を守備するパーティ構成を設定します。(総力戦 〉守備編成)


C. 対戦のはじめ (総力戦 〉マッチング開始)









* 注意事項





1) デイリー依頼『総力戦に1回参加』の報酬で『総力戦コイン』を獲得できます。


2) 対戦の際、勝敗に関係なく、現在の勝点によって『総力戦コイン』を獲得します。


1) 総力戦シーズンはアリーナと同様に1週間単位で進行されます。

2) 前シーズンの記録によって次のような補償を支給されます。


4. 『総力戦ショップ』追加 : メインロビー 〉コンテンツショップ 〉総力戦

『総力戦コイン』で『[SSR] 宝具選択券の欠片』などを購入できます。

『[SSR] 宝具選択券の欠片』は『調合』機能を利用して『[SSR] 宝具選択券』で組み合わせることができます。(メインロビー 〉インベントリー〉調合)


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