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[Taburu] Guide for Dummies!

Written by [IGN: Taburu]

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So, you’ve downloaded the game, gone through the bits of tutorial and dialogue and reached 1-3. You should be greeted with this screen.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Who should I roll for?”

Just start with 1 DPS SSR and 1 Tank SSR.

Which DPS SSR and Tank SSR?

Honestly, just have fun with the game look at the “Selective Summon Devil List” and see if anyone strikes your fancy!

Didn’t get your desired pull from 1-3 Selective Summon?

No need to worry! You can easily reset your account after completing 1-5 by going to Setting on the top right of the screen and going to settings > RESET > and typing in “Confirm initialize the account”.

If you’re happy with your pulls, then continue to 1-10.

You’ve reached 1-10 CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re greeted with yet another selective summon if you got a DPS SSR from 1-3 Selective then get a Tank SSR from 1-10 and if you got a Tank SSR from 1-3 then get a DPS SSR from 1-10.

After finishing 2-1 you’ll unlock Exploration.

Earlier in the game you will want to do Zone 3 to help get you level and tier your Devil’s Relics. However, later on the game you won’t need as much Abyss Stones. So, you can switch to either Zone 1 for more gems, or Zone 2 for more Battle Coins.

After that keep pushing through story until you finish 2-10.

Upon finishing 2-10 you’ll receive the Step 1 Reward of Path of Contractor which includes a Random SSR Box. If you don’t like what you get you can reroll once again. If you are satisfied with your SSR Box, then proceed to 3-1. After clearing 3-5 the game will introduce you to the “Convert” system. Converting R rarity Devils will be your main source of Devil Stones, converting SRs/SSRs is whale territory. You’ll want to hold on to Michael, Shani, and Vayu though and I’ll explain why you should keep them later on.

Unholy and Holy Relics

The Devil Stones you get from converting devils are used to pull from the Relic Gacha. There are two types of Relics, Unholy and Holy. You can put any SSR Relic on SSR Devils, any SR relic on SR Devils, and any R relic on R Devils.

Unholy Relics on your DPS gives your team flat ATK on columns 3, 4, and 5 and Unholy Relics on your Tank gives your team flat HP on columns 1, 2, 3. Both Matching and Unmatching relics give your team these boosts, Matching relics just give you more stats than Unmatching. Matching Relics also have Special Effects, for SSR Devils they give special effects at 1 Matching, 3 Matching, and 6 Matching. For SR it’s at 1 Matching, and 3 Matching.

For example, these are Tyr and Tsukuyomi’s Unholy Relic Matching effects. Each hero has different 3rd and 6th matching effects!

Holy Relics however, give the unit wearing it % stats. If you have a Holy relic on your DPS it will give that devil ATK% and Speed. If you have a Holy relic on your Tank it will give that devil HP% and Speed. The Matching effects will be the same for each unit no matter what rarity.


There are two types of PVP, Arena and Total War.

You’ll unlock Arena after finishing 4-1 and unlock Total War after finishing 6-10. Don’t slack in arena! Use all your tickets.

You get the same amount of coins whether you win or lose, so don’t be afraid to participate in arena even if you feel like you’re too weak. I do recommend climbing arena because the higher points you have the more coins you get per battle.

Now in the Arena Store you will want to buy the Energy (60AP) and Gold daily, gold and Energy will become scarce later on in the game so stock up now, and eventually save up for the SSR Codex. You can get the SR Codex if you want but leave the All Devil Box alone.

For Total War apply the same rules Don’t slack in Total War! Use all your tickets.

You also get the same amount of coins whether you win or lose and the higher points you have the more coins you get per battle.

Now for the Total War Store you’ll want to grab the daily Gold and Energy (60AP). If you have any SRs you plan on raising you can grab the SR Relic Tickets if not just save up for the SSR Relic Ticket and leave the All Relic Box alone.


Now that you’ve done your Arena battles you can get back to sweeping Story. Once you’re done with 4-5 the game introduces you to Guilds! Although there is not much you can do in Guilds you’ll want to join one ASAP because you want to have access to the Guild Shop as early as possible and you also get Energy and Gold just for checking in the Guild everyday.

Here in the Guild Shop you’ll want to grab the daily Energy and Gold. Again, gold and energy will become very scarce later on in the game you’ll want to stock up now. You can grab the Chuchus but make sure you can always buy Gold and Energy daily and because of how expensive using EXP Potions is you’ll want to stay away from the EXP Pots.

Bounty Hunt (Subjugate)

Upon yeeting 4-10 you’ll unlock Bounty Hunt!

Nothing much to say here except use your 3 Daily Tickets!

Working on Subju Guide.

Still working on it. Huhu

At +9 Awakening your Vayu increases the ATK of your allies in the same row by 57%.

This can be useful if you’re stuck in Bounty Hunt.


In abyss you have 5 total fights and if one of your devils die they’ll be dead forever and you won’t be able to use them for the proceeding fights. Now this is where Michael and Shani become useful. Since they have revive you can use them as meat shields in Abyss because they’re guaranteed to take two hits and you don’t have to invest in them at all. A few useful units in abyss are: Amaterasu, Asura, and anyone who has Revive.

Devils that have Revive are: Wukong, Shiva, Seth, Geb (With 3 Matching Unholy Relic), Aurora (With 3 Matching Unholy Relic), Isis, Nine-Tailed Fox, Michael, Shani, and Baphomet.

Amaterasu and Asura are both useful in Abyss because of their ability to Heal upon being hit. While Asura can only heal herself, Amaterasu can heal her allies and not just herself.

You can also save your Mana from your last fight! So that you can start the next battle with multiple Actives. So plan wisely!

Upon obtaining 10 Watcher Points you will be rewarded by a Watcher Chest. After opening this chest the game will ask you if you want to purchase additional Rewards?

Buying these chests are a pretty good deal, especially when you don’t have high level relics yet, because it gives you 650/750/850/1000 Abyss Stones depending on how lucky you are.

We use Abyss Stones to tier and level up the relics of our Devils which gives them huge buffs. Leveling and Tiering Relics is different from Imprinting Relics. You can Level and Tier up your Devil’s Relics without having imprinted relics. For DPS you will want to upgrade their Unholy Relic and for Tanks you will want to upgrade their Holy Relic.

How far should I upgrade them and should I upgrade DPS or Tank first?

Only upgrade the relics of Devils you know you’ll be using. You can either upgrade your relics evenly or focusing on one relic at a time. Whichever one you choose won’t really matter if you want to focus on one relic at a time though get your relics to Lv. 30 Tier 4 first because doing this is pretty cheap. Again, for DPS you’ll want to upgrade their Unholy Relic to increase their ATK and for Tanks you’ll want to upgrade their Holy Relic to increase their HP. For now I suggest leaving your DPS’ Holy Relic and your Tank’s Unholy Relic at Lv. 1 Tier 1.

Also note that Leveling up Relics only increases the bonus by 3% every 10 levels, while Tiering up Relics increases the bonus by 10% for each tier.

So, when upgrading relics the max you’ll want to go for now is Lv. 50 Tier 6 because the difference from Lv. 50 Tier 6 to Lv. 60 Tier 6 is not worth the 7500 Abyss Stones you’ll have to spend to upgrade it.

Akashic Records

The next piece of content you’ll be unlocking, which is Akashic Records, is after beating 1-10 Hard. Akashic Records is the place to farm runes! Getting rune sets will increase your power by quite a bit.

So, there are two Akashic Records, Akashic Records: White and Akashic Records: Black. You’ll want to stick to farming one color because each color has different sets and farming both colors will make completing sets and awakening runes a lot harder. Don’t stress too much on which color to farm because the difference isn’t that big.

Once you’ve chosen which color to farm you can now farm runes. With a decent team and formations you should be able to clear 1-5 easily, if you can go higher than keep going! Once you can’t climb anymore farm the highest you can auto until you get every Devil in your main team has a 4 Set. After you’ve gotten your team a few 4 Sets you can try to clear higher stages, eventually you’ll be able to auto farm 1-10. We don’t know the exact drop rates of SSR runes but we do know that the SSR rune drop rate increase from 1-8 to 1-10 is less than 1%. So, if you value time more stick to farming 1-7 for faster runs. If you value drop rate more farm 1-10.

There are 6 Runes slots in total each slot gives you a different stat. Slot 1: Base ATK, Slot 2: Damage Rate, Slot 3: Critical Rate, Slot 4: Base HP, Slot 5: Damage Reduction, Slot 6: Critical Damage.

Now, which rune sets should I give my Devils?

Since there are a total of 15 sets for each color and there are 6 slots it will be hard to complete a specific set of your choosing with with good potential.

So, you will just have to work with what you have. For DPS ATK and Damage Rate are good choices. If you’re DPS relies on Critical Rate, Chimera and Tyr for example, you can give them Critical Rate. If you have bad luck and don’t have good Potential on your DPS Slots (Slot 1, 2, 3, and 6) you can use Slot 4 and Slot 5 to complete your 4 set because Base HP and Damage Reduction for your DPS isn’t as important as the buffs you get from completing a 4 set. As you can also see in this image that I do not have a complete 2 set.

This is because if I were to force the 2 set I would either go from 26.8% Base ATK to 16.4% Base ATK or 14.2% Critical Rate to 9% Critical Rate for the sake of completing a 2 set which would only give me Base ATK 2%. So by skipping out on the 2 set and prioritizing potential I gain more damage.

Now, there are two ways to gain even more power from runes, leveling and awakening. Let’s talk about leveling first. Leveling runes are expensive, really expensive, because of this we will only want to level SSR runes because eventually we will drop R and SR runes for SSR runes.

To awaken a rune you need a +9 rune from the same set, however, it does not have to be from the same slot. Apart from increasing the stat the rune gives you, it will also give you Base ATK at +2 Awakening, Base HP at +4 Awakening and Speed at +6 Awakening.

Trash Rune For Awakening

You can use your runes with ugly potentials to awaken your runes with pretty potential.

The only runes I awaken are SSS, SSA, and SSB, you can do SSC if you’re desperate. I do not suggest awakening anything lower than that.

Since you can use runes from other slots to awaken you can replace your SSR runes on Slot 4 and Slot 5 on your DPS with SR runes and using the SSR runes to awaken your DPS runes.

Event Stages

After getting your team a few rune sets you can now start farming Event Stages!

There should be two Event Stages going on, Tyr’s Event Stage and the Banner Devil’s Event Stage.

Tyr’s Event Stage will unlock two days after the creation of your account you’ll have access to Tyr’s Event Stage and you will have a month to finish this.

While Event Stages for Banner Devils only last two weeks.

Since you have more time to do Tyr’s Event Stage you can finish farming the Banner Devil’s Event Stage first.

Since using EXP Potions to level up your Devils cost a lot of gold you’ll be getting most of your leveling done in Event Stages. If you’re team isn’t max leveled yet you can max level them at 1-9 [Normal] since it only requires you to eliminate boss to pass the stage. When you get stronger you’ll want to strive for 1-9 [Hard] because it gives you an extra 25 Event Currency per run. After you’re team is max level you can start bringing 1 DPS and 6 Fodder to your 1-9 Event Stage runs. Doing so will allow you to level your fodder to eventually get a 6* while farming event currency.

For Tyr’s Event Stage it should look something like this. After enemy Chimera attacks your Yuki will attack, kill boss, and then clear stage. Other Event Stages might have the boss at different positions but just adjust accordingly.

For the event store you’ll want to grab the Holy Relic then the Codex. Even if you don’t plan on pulling for Banner Hero you will still want to grab their Holy Relic, for the extra stats and speed, and their Codex because you might get the Banner Hero in the future.

Tiering up Devils

Now that you’ve unlocked all available content in game you can now start working on your very first 6* Devil. I find 6* DPS more useful because early story doesn’t require beefy tanks and late story one shots you either way and as of now Arena is basically “Kill everything as soon as possible”. Although a 6* Tank isn’t bad either. Now you’ll be using [N] Devils and Chuchus to tier up your devils. Chuchus are only different from [N] Devils because they come at max level. Make sure to not use max level Chuchus to tier up! As I stated before you will do most of your fodder leveling at 1-9 Event Stage.


In the [Gold] Limited Store you will be on the lookout for: [N] Devil Boxes, Relic Tier Stones, and Relic Level Stones.

I don’t buy anything in the [Diamond] Limited Store. Instead I use my diamonds to: Buy Stamina, Increase Inventory Space, and Buy Abyss Watcher Chests.

For the Advanced Store the only thing worth buying here is the Stamina. I don’t find the convert rate of Diamonds to Summon Stones very good so I discourage buying Summons Stones with Diamonds. I also find the 30 Minute per Arena Ticket sufficient enough so I don’t buy Arena Tickets either.

Thank you for reading my guide.