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[Sliqst3r] 10-step guide to being like Sliq in Nightzero

Written by [IGN: Sliqst3r]

Hello fellow Contractors,

I write this guide for people who are new to the game and value their sanity, well-being, and resources.

1) Save your gold for important stuff, don't be tempted by the limited shop unless its selling something you can't live without. Gold becomes an issue when you repeatedly tier up devils and level runes.

2) Always read the skill descriptions for everyone you face. It contains the vital information you need to pass the stage.

3) Clear as much of the story as you can, as the resources you get make your life much easier.

4) Convert your R heroes for summoning relics. The only ones really worth keeping are Michael, Shani and Vayu.

5) Always spend your arena/total war tickets to prevent them maxxing out. You still get valuable coins and stamina whether you win or lose.

6) Always complete events as they provide hard to get gear for free, its always worth getting the relic and codex, since you can always acquire the hero later. Best place to farm or level fodder is always map 9.

7) Always join a guild asap as you can get access to the guild shop for cheap gold/stamina and additional quest rewards.

8) Save your diamonds for stamina refills, abyss watcher chests and increasing storage space.

9) Once you unlock runes make sure you farm enough to get a decent set on your key devils.

10) Always ask questions on the official discord when in doubt, there's a lot of tips there and experienced fellow contractors to brandish expert advice.

11) Never skip math's class as there is no 11 in a 10-step guide!