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[Silenciaco] Resource Income and Rune Droprate Guide

Written by [IGN: Silenciaco]

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Hi guys, it's Silenciaco here with this self-help guide to improve your Night Zero gameplay efficiency. Contained within this guide are the monthly incomes for everything from Stamina to Battle Coins, War Coins and Summon Stones.

Also found in this guide is hard empirical data for the droprates of runes from 1-5 to 1-10. You can use this to plan your time efficiency vs stamina efficiency on farming runes.

The information and hard data can be found in the Resource Income and Rune Drop Rate sheets respectively.

How does this information help you?


Use your stamina income to plan out your stamina allocation between Event Clearing, Rune Farming and Story Farming for Gold. Find out all the various sources of stamina and how you can miximise your gains per investment. Figure out which shop items are worth getting or skipping as an F2P player or

how much stamina you should refill each month to clear out the entire event shop while having stamina for the other content.

Battle Coins:

Use your battle coin income to plan out what items from the arena shop you can afford to buy each month. Figure out whether doing exploration only on battle coins is sufficient to net you those sweet SSR codexes each month as F2P. Check how many tickets you'd have to purchase each month in order to clean

up the arena shop!

War Coins:

Same as the battle coin income, plan out what items you can afford to buy each month and which ones you are better off skipping as an F2P. Or alternatively figure out if buying TW tickets everyday and the weekly packs is enough to net you all the SSR ticket fragments each month, let alone clearing out the shop.

Summon Stones:

How many free summons do we get each month in Summon Stones? How long would you statistically need to save to get that mytical 9/6/6 rate up unit you always wanted? Find that out and more!

Rune Drop Rate Tests:

Ever felt that 1-7 was better than 1-10 in terms of SSR rune drop rates? Wanted to know which zone has the best Dust rate excluding SSRs? Need hard statistics to help you decide which zone to farm? Look no further than the Drop rate test sheet to find out the cold hard truth. No desire sensors or negative bias

to sway your opinions. Feel free to contribute screenshots of your run sets so that i can improve the sample size of the tests and make them more "accurate"