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[NOTICE] Server issue that occurred in iOS New Version(1.1.21)

Updated: Aug 19, 2019


Hello everyone, This is NightZero DEV team.

We are sorry to say, but we have found out that there has been a critical problem in our server.

1. The Problem

> Time of Occurrence : (UTC+9) 2019/08/19 04:30 ~ 2019/08/19 23:30

> The users who downloaded iOS 1.1.21 version

> We found out that those who accessed the game during 04:30 to 23:30 were connected to the Test Server instead of the Game Server.

> NightZero DEV team identified the server problem and reconnected Live Server to the Game Server.

2. The Current Situation

> All data which you have played during the test server has all been deleted.

> Users who have already played the game before the time can play their existing accounts continuously.

> But, data of accounts that have been created during the time will be deleted.

> Users those who created their account during the time should create a new account.

3. Countermeasures & Compensation

〉900 x Summon Stone

〉1000 x Action Points

〉100 x Arena Ticket

Payment Date : (UTC+9) 8.19

We are truly sorry about the recent series of inconveniences we caused, and we promise you to improve our operating system to prevent reoccurrence of such issues.

Once again, we are sorry for your inconveniences.



1. 問題点

> [問題発生時刻]: (UTC+9)2019/08/19 04:30~2019/08/19 23:30

> 対象者: iOS 1.1.21バージョンにアップデートされた利用者

> 上記の時間の間、接続して1.1.21バージョンにアップデートされたiOS利用者の方々はテストサーバーに接続されたことが確認されました。


2. 現況

> [問題発生時刻]の間、テストサーバーでプレイしていたデータは全て削除されました。

> [問題発生時刻]以前にゲームをプレーしていた利用者の方々は、既存のアカウントを再プレーすることができます。


> [問題発生時刻]の中に新規のアカウントを生成していた利用者の方々は、ゲームをやり直さなければなりません。

3. 対応および補償

〉 召喚石 x 900

〉 行動力 x 1000

〉 アリーナチケット x 100

支給日 : (UTC+9) 8.19