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[Heimdallr] Tips for Beginners (Night Zero)

Written by [IGN: Heimdallr]

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• During selective summons, best roll would be 1 SSR and 3 SRs. Selective summons will be unlocked at 1-3, 1-10 and 12-10. Best bet is to pick 1 tank and 1 dps for the first 2 selective summons. Depending on your team comp, then decide who to get for last selective

• Dupes are equally important as they help to awaken units and make them stronger

• Runes are important so make sure you FARM them consistently. White and black has no difference. Depending on your schedule, white opens on Fri, black on Sat, while both on Sun

• While farming for runes, it is also a good avenue to level up your SSRs.

• Spend your pots!

• Dias are used to expand unit and rune slots, for stamina and also to obtain more abyss stones from Abyss

• Suggest to get only [N] devil box from limited store to balance between farming your fodders and gold expenditure

• For newbie, best to rush to clear stage 5-5 in order to participate in the missions for resources.

• For R units that deemed not usable, convert them to devil stones to summon HR and UHR.

• To farm fodder, bring them (x6) to event story 1-9, and use the appropriate SSR to carry them through it. Rinse and repeat.

• Max chuchu to be tier up and used for foddering. Not advisable to level chuchus. Suggested method is to level N units, tier them up accordingly.

• If there’s an intention to spend in the game, here are the suggested packs to get for a newbie

1. Starter pack

2. Chuchu pack

3. Level up 1 Pack

4. Daily Diamond pack

• To have a better gaming experience, click the gear button (top right) or the unit picture (top left) and change graphics to high. For bluestacks, you may have issue changing it, so ensure that VT is enabled in your computer: https://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003174386-How-can-I-enable-virtualization-VT-on-my-PC-

• CS button is used for customer service, so if there's any doubts/feedbacks/issue, be sure to make use of it!

• Once you are happy with your rerolls, remember to Link the account to prevent loss of account!

• Remember to always spend your resources (e.g stamina, arena and total war tix) ASAP to maximize gains. Spamming arena and total war allow accumulation of points which can be used to get codex and relic box/tix!

• Abyss is difficult, but do not despair. You will eventually get better. You can make use of N units in abyss to accumulate mana points. From there, you can use the points and plan strategically to one shot enemy units.