[Event Story] Revenge is my only Sunshine

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

1) Event time : (UTC+9) from 7:30 a.m. on 2019/08/16 to 5:00 a.m. on 2019/09/01

2) Content:

"Devil of Vengence. Obey my call."

[Arioch], the mighty devil who is known as the lion of fear and the agent of vengeance has been summoned by the mysterious masked man.

What would the man want from this mighty devil..?

Enjoy New [Event Story] and get [Special Reward]!

3) How to proceed

[Event Story] is available through the main lobby's Event Story button.

4) Compensation

At the [Event store], let's get a big reward!!

# Arioch's Holy Relic - Arioch's HP and SPEED is significantly increased!!

# Arioch's Codex – You can awaken Arioch!!

※ Make sure to check.

1. Event stores can enter from the event stage selection screen.

2. Event Points earned will be reset when the Event ends.

3. Don't forget, Use all Event Points before the Event ends.

#Tips!! Use 1-9 stage to gather Event Points!

We will keep trying to make better NightZero.

Thank you.

1) イベント 期間 : (UTC+9) 8月16日7時30分から、9月1日5時まで

2) 内容 :





3) 進行方法 :


4) 補償 :


『アリオーク』の神聖宝具 : 『アリオーク』に刻印の時、生命力と先攻値が大幅にUP!!

『アリオーク』の経典 : 『アリオーク』のスキルを覚醒させることができます。


※ 必ず確認してください。

1. 『イベントショップ』は『イベントダンジョン』のステージ選択画面で入場できます。

2. 『イベントポイント』はイベント期間終了の時に削除されます。




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