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[Event Story] Lovers of Chrismas(2019/09/25)

1) Period

(UTC+9) 2019/10/01 05:00 ~ 2019/10/16 05:00

2) Content :

Nobody expected that white Christmas could turn bloody red...by the devils from Yggdrasill, who are meant to protect them.

In the middle of the chaos and slaughter, there was a contractor who fought to save his lover.

How about following his story?

With his mighty Hercules, the apex of all heroes.

3) How to proceed

You can enjoy [Event Story] at the main lobby!

4) Rewards

Clear the Event Story and Get various Rewards at the [Event store]!!

# Hercules's Holy Relic - With Holy Relic, you can boost Hercules's AP and SPEED significantly!!

# Hercules's Codex – With codex, you can awake Hercules and help her use her full potential!!

※ Caution

1. You can find [Event stores] at the event stage selection screen.

2. When the event ends, Event Points you have got during the event will just vanish. So you'd better spend them wisely!

# Tips: If you want to get Event Point quickly, how about challenging stage1-9?

We will keep trying to make better NightZero.

Thank you.


[EVENT STORY] クリスマスの恋人

1) イベント 期間 : (UTC+9) 10月1日5時から、10月16日5時まで

2) 内容 :





3) 進行方法 :


4) 補償 :


『ヘラクレス』の神聖宝具 : 『ヘラクレス』に刻印の時、攻撃力と先攻値が大幅にUP!!

『ヘラクレス』の経典 : 『ヘラクレス』のスキルを覚醒させることができます。


※ 必ず確認してください。

1. 『イベントショップ』は『イベントダンジョン』のステージ選択画面で入場できます。

2. 『イベントポイント』はイベント期間終了の時に削除されます。