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Written by [IGN: EremikaUwU]

+If the enemy strongest form is on the 1st form usually like 25k-30k power than just skip it put 1 fodder unit to lose

+if the enemy strongest form isn't in the 1st but 2nd focus on beating 1st and 3rd form skip 2nd form too

+If u can't see the enemy 2nd and third form then try thinking is their 1st form ez? Than focus on 1st form but use minimal amount of devil, people tend to put their strongest form at 1st or 2nd form so if it's not the first one "usually" it's the second form. So skip the second form and play 1st and 3rd form

+Never try to beat their strong form

It's useless and even if u win the enemy might still have something up in their sleeve save ur strong devil for other

+Never focus on 1 form split ur strong devils on the forms but never use any strong devil at their strongest form

+just pray to god and MAY GOD BLESS YOU