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[eden888] Some Tips for beginner

Written by [IGN: eden888]

The game give tons of free currency for starter, and 3 selective summon where you can almost choose which SSR roles you want to get. The game offer a clear data option so you can always re-roll if you cant get the SSR that you aiming for. Dont be shy to ask advise inside the discord group!

Shiva and wukong are two tanker that must have because both of them have revive and very hard to be killed!

At the beginning of the story, you can just auto your way and get 3* in story mode. At some point, you are going to have a hard time to 3* the story, that is when you need to use the skill manually and read the stage requirement/enemies skill carefully and plan the layout of your team. Ask in discord group if you still cant figure out how to clear the stage with 3*. Utilize trait such as jump block/sneak block and use jump/sneak to kill the DPS of the enemies team before they have the chances to take action.

If you planned to drop some cash into the game to support the dev, level up 1 and level up 2 package by far have the best value.