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[ArchLight] Short guide to help new player

Written by [IGN: ArchLight]

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Hello everyone, this is not detailed or in depth guide, just a short guide to help new player get basic knowledge about the game.


1. How to reroll?

Go to setting > reset > input Confirm initialize the account with capital C

2. I just start playing, which unit i should go for?

Waifu > tier list

If u want easy start: Amaterasu/Shiva for tank and Brynhild for dps as ur first 2 selector.

Always pick 1 dps n 1 tank to clear normal stage easily.

3. How many ssr selector in the game?

There are 3 atm, at 1-3, 1-10 and 12-10 (normal stage) and ssr box at 2-10.

4. Can i get more than 2 ssr at selector?

Nope, u can get multiple sr though.

5. Is dupe important here?

Very important in late game, not so much at early game becoz u need good variety of unit.

6. Any good sr i should look out for?

Seth, Chimera (best sr dps atm), Morrigan, 9Tail, Loki, Urd and Verdandi.

7. Any good R i should look out for?

3* notable attackers - Tiamat, Shani

Gabriel for single(100%crit on things you can stun, just build cdmg).

3* notable tankers - Michael, Vayu

3* notable support - Sarasvati, Freya

Just use them to cover what ur team lacks (jump block, sneak block, etc)

8. Damn i got dupe from ssr box, should i reroll?

If u have good sr with solid 2 ssr from selective, keep it.

9. Is XXX unit good?

Too early to tell right now but tier list is a good reference, almost all SSR are good.

10. I already have XXX, XXX and XXX, who should i pick on next selector?

Aim to cover what ur team lacks: jump block, sneak block, aoe column, aoe row, single target dps, etc.

11. Okay i got my team set now, what is my first priority?

Rush to 1-10 hard asap to unlock all feature.

12. But I am stuck at normal stage XXX, what should i do?

If u getting stuck, rearranging ur formation, order and manually use skills.

13. I already did that and i still stuck....

U can use exp pot to increase ur unit level, dun worry about keeping ur exp pot, its easy to lvl ur char later.

14. Hell yeah, finally finished 1-10 hard, but why the hell hard ch 2 is so damn hard?

Its time for you to start farming rune stage (akashic record), lvling and tiering up ur relic.

Lvling and tiering up unholy relic to inc atk, holy relic inc hp.

For dps focus on unholy, tank on holy. Support need more research

15. There are 2 akashic record, which 1 should i farm?

Either is okay, but just stick with 1 color.

16. Why should i only stick with 1 color?

Becoz there are 15 rune set/color. And each rune have 6 types.

Its harder to get rune sets and awaken runes if u farm both places.

17. What should i do daily?

Do all ur daily quest, burn all ur stamina and arena ticket.

18. This abyss is freaking hard, help me please....

Only pick easy difficulty until u have a very solid team

If the battle result is bad, just reset and try again

19. Should i join guild? What is the benefit of joining guild?

Yes, u can/"must" buy energy and gold daily from guild store

20. Should i convert R and SR unit?

Convert R unless u wanna awaken specific R unit, SR: up to u.

21. Okay i got lots of soulstones from converting, which gacha relic should i pull and what is their dif?

Unholy relic unlock extra skills, holy relic give massive stats boost.

U usually wanna go for unholy relic first (not set in stone, need more feedback)

22. Can i imprint unmatching relic? And can i remove them?

Yes, but gives lower effect. U can remove relic but cost gold.

23. What is chu chu used for?

To tier up unit. basically tier up fodder

24. Ummm, so what is the best way to tier up unit?

For f2p: dont use maxed lvl unit and R n above tier unit

For whale: just what u want to 6* ur SSR asap

25. But my chu chu already maxed and i dun have another 2* besides maxed chu chu, how do i tier her up?

U level 1* N unit to lvl 10 and tier up them to 2* N lvl 10, feed ur 2* chu chu with 2 of those N unit. Repeat until u have 5* chu chu.

26. I run out of chu chu, what should i do?

U can make another N tier unit to 5*, chu chu is easier becoz already max lvl.

27. Now i run out of chu chu and N fodder....

Do stages that drop N devil box and buy them from gold store

28. Speaking of gold store, what should i buy there?

Arena tix and N devil box.

29. U said to burn arena tix, what is the benefit of doing arena? I only keep losing and take awhile to finish arena

U can get energy bottle (5 sta) and arena coins even if u lose. U can use that arena coins to buy SSR codex.

If u dont mind losing, just use 1 unit and do arena consecutive battle. No reason to not do arena

30. After lvling rune, relic, etc...i am running out of gold now? How to gain gold fast?

Sadly gold is very scarce now, use ur gold wisely

31. How do i get tyr?

From book of summon, need to finish lots of mission though

32. Tyr missions: do 1,5k event run and rune run; which 1 should i do first?

Tyr event first because its have time limit, especially until u reach 1-9 normal.

Good place to lvl up and only take 10 sec to finish it.

33. But i am stuck at event stage XXX normal?

Do some rune run first, atleast get some basic rune set (4 same rune set on 4-5 units)

34. U keep saying about rune, but does rune of different rarity stack?

Yes, higher tier just give better effect

35. I can clear 1-9 normal easily now, what should i buy in event store?

Tyr codex and relic are priority. If u want to make tyr cuter, get her skin

36. Now i am stuck at tyr hard event stage XXX?

For hard stage 1, u need dot(damage over time) dps to remove boss invicible quickly and spread ur unit so boss only hit 1 unit per attack.

For hard stage 8, u can use gabriel to stun the boss so the boss take crit dmg and dont forget to spread ur unit too.

37. Should i use my gems to roll now?

Up to u, u either roll now or hoard it till ur fav waifu on banner

38. Okay i already finished event run, which rune stages should i farm?

As high as u can auto it, higher stage have higher chance to drop ssr runes

39. What should i use my diamonds for?

Increase unit slot, relic slot or hoard them to buy sta for event.

40. Which unit should i 6 star first?

Majority of ppl going for 6* dps now.

41. Should i use dupe for awaken or tier up?

For f2p, awaken. For whale up to u, but i suggest awaken to atleast +6 first.

42. Any good place to lvl besides event stage 1-9?

Stage 2-4 all difficulty (found by tab), will update if we find another good spot.