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[んえこむ] Short starter summary guide

Written by [IGN: んえこむ]

Welcome to the world of Night Zero

Gratz on downloading the game and becoming a legal devil contractor or the devils controls you?

First few scenes

Zzzt… Noo my soul don’t be wanna like that guy right?

Well not to worry I'm here to the rescue your experienced contractor from the heavens.

1) First things the tutorial. Quite simple right?

Selective summon at 1-3 allow you to summon 30 times great isn't it You get to choose though want you what.

Which hero to get?

Favourite hero of course everyone wants to do that go ahead its always a good option.

If you’re really unsure on what to get and you want to make your contractor journey alot better here a small guide by your good old-timer.


Ideally you want to summon a Dealer (column range character is highly recommended as starting hero). Why makes story very easy to complete and most of the time necessarily to farm areas very quickly due to their range.

*notable characters Brynildr, Chimera, last but not least Tyr.

Other dealers that are acceptable as well with higher learning curve

Mithra and Baphomet,

If the Summoner girl doesn't give you the devil you want at the end of 30 summons. You can reset your account through setting gear.

Type in the exact words in the box. You need to pass 1-5 to go back menu and actually use it.

Additionally you get another selective summon at 1-10

Hmm what o choose this time?

Option 1: Dealer (Medium risk - good reward)

Risky at early stages of the game but also very rewarding later on once you get further into the game,

0ption 2: Support (High risk - low rewards)

Ironically they are very hard to play with withe there limited range attacks. They ideally need a good roster to function well

Option 3: Tank (Low risk -good rewards)

Story mode Tips

-A tank with hero is always needed within the game trust me on this even common heroes like Micheal and Shani can be used as punchbag to stall time for your dealers to survive.

-The enemy team always goes first regardless of your speed

-Watch out for your attack order and enemy they could cancel your skill by killing your hero be careful.

And also if an enemy kills your hero it could make them go again due to your hero being killed.

Example team 2 kills team 1 1-2 (small number on your hero) Team 2 goes again due to number 1-2 being dead even though number 3 is available,

That cause enemy number 2 is alive and goes before team 1 number 3

- It doesn’t cost stamina to retry any stages within the game.

If you have followed my guide wisely, you should be able to breeze through normal mode quite easily, If you can’t pass certain stages make to sure read the stage tip before doing anything else.

(Oh No I can’t use my nickname again, what I do? I’m afraid its system locked so there no way around it. RIP DonaldTrump)


Arena mode/Total: You fight other player devils

Don’t be letdown by other players devils, its about your own journey through the game and you just started.

Since you’re most likely going to lose alot here its better off to place one devil in arena and forget about it. Anyways for participant in arena you get stamina potions that worth 5 pots and you still get your coins for joining in.

Runes Dungeon aka Black/White with fancy name.

(I’m sorry devs i can’t remember fancy names well cough.)

Area is unlocked at around 2-5 hard mode

This is probably most stamina and time consuming area known to contractors cough cough ah I got a bad cold today.

Anyways rune is like Armour and weapons in rpg. They give stats and additional bonus for matching sets.

Tips to write down or copy and paste

-Farm one colour to minimize effort and time unless your really needing to complete your sets. There not much minor difference luckily.

-When enhancing your runes always go for SSR RUNES they give the greatest bonus in-game and other rarity pale in comparison they are mainly used for dust unless u got no runes on your heroes.

-They’re are very gold consuming to enhance early on.

Please refrain in doing so till you have 6 stars heroes (note will be explained)


- Awaken only the highest potential possible at best for most efficient

SS S -SS A- SS B- SS C maybe just maybe lol.


Your your strongest team to clear and read boss skills to deal the best damage. Recommend Tyr for Mr Dragon Urd For Mr Grim.

Notes: Try using less heroes to Maximise your turn order if possible.

Abyss mode


Try to use your cheapest heroes to take the big damage from other player devils. Retry as much like until your result are minimal losses.

-Hero with revive can be revived after battle if they are still alive after the battle regardless they died once.

Event Stage

Similar to story mode but there’s farm-able currency you can access too.

Whats really important is stage 1-9 of each event

They are important as you can level up your heroes very quickly by killing the boss while gathering enough currency to buy your items.


Patience is a virtue

Hoard your premium currency like dragon for events. RAWR DON’T TOUCH MY PRECIOUS

Diamond spending (low-mid income players)

How to be efficient

- Stamina just be careful how much you spend on stamina. The games offers a lot if you’re patient.

- Expand inventory slots devil and runes never hurts to have more

- watcher boxes from abyss its a mode thats time-gated and not farm-able always worth to spend some diamond here.


-Gold and stamina are a must buy within the game they always run out when needed

-2 star chu daily purchase its cheaper compared to other items

-SSR Codex and SSR relic tickets are must buy they give the least risk. You can try to buy the all boxes but it’s not guarantee you get what you want.


-Level up package and starter package are greatest value as always

-Daily 1 is great value too

-Daily 2 for some reason cost 30 usd for 60 fragments not great value.

-Event package are greatest value as well depending on what you currently need atm.


Summoning roughly cost 18 usd on average. Relic summon can differenate between 30-36 usd.

Author note

Thanks for reading this short guide to nightzero

Have fun adventuring and make sure to drink water and stay safe with your new devils friends.

Cough,Cough urgh. I need to go to back to the abyss.