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Jun 14

Night Zero - Timeline


Edited: Jul 11


Start of Night Era



N.E. the first year



Mar – The Beginning of the Eternal Night

The first contractor opens the gate between Paradise and human Society. Eternal Night falls to human society and the sun never rise up again.

'The beings from paradise' begin to descend on the Society.



May – Devil, and Contractor

'The beings from paradise' and contractors begin to appear. The number of 'The beings from paradise' is increased exponentially. Humans call those who appear in the darkness....'Devil.'



Aug – Len, Born



Dec – Lasir, Born



∙ N.E. 2



Nov – Frey, Born




∙ N.E. 3


Sep – The Night's Era

The United Nations has officially announced that two-thirds of humanity is dead or missing due to the Nightfall. Most countries have lost their function, and declares to give up the aid, saying that the UN's ability to help refugees is impossible.

Night Era (N.E.) is announced as a new global era name (year of ‘Nightfall’ as first year).



∙ N.E. 5


Feb – First Step for Dawn

Task Force is organized centered around contractors to resolve the eternal night situation. The primary goal is to analyze the causes of the eternal night situation. The ultimate goal is the end of the night era.


Aug – Awakening

Len, awakening as an irregular. In this process, he lose his parents.



∙ N.E. 9


Apr – Lasir's father dies



∙ N.E. 10


Sep – The discovery of prophecy

Five contractors who set out for paradise to find clues to end the night find the Prophecy.



∙ N.E. 11


Jan – S1 Case Occurred

S1 Case is outbreak of massive darkness in certain areas of Japan. It is known as Orochi who is behind the incident.

S1 Case is settled by an unidentified contractor.


Mar – The establishment of Yggdrasil

Task Force team with five contractors as the leader sets up a contractor-centered world government called 'Yggdrasil' to resolve anarchy and establish order.

In the name of ending the disorderly state and establishing a new order, it also gains great support from ordinary people.


Sep – Valhalla Project

In order to prevent the collapse of mankind written in the Prophecy, the Yggdrasil secretly operates the Valhalla Project.

It is a plan to build a huge air fort named Valhalla to survive disaster, for selected contractors only.


∙ N.E. 12


Nov – Disclosure

The revelation of Dr.Hamilton (Ph.D. in physics) who was working on the Valhalla project, makes Prophecy and Valhalla Project known to the public.


Dec – Meeting

Wandering orphan Len meets Satomi for the first time. From then, Len stays with Satomi.




∙ N.E. 13


Sep – Angel on the Ground

Alice comes down to the ground with memory and power sealed. Alice meets Lasir for the first time.


Nov – Demonstrations

A group of protesters have called on the government to explain the "Prophecy" and "The Valhalla Project."


Dec – Bloody Christmas

The outbreak of 'blood Christmas' in Geneva, Switzerland. Protest spreads around the world.


Massive bloodshed has erupted in the wake of clashes between contractors from Yggdrasil and protesters. Yggdrasil then manipulates public opinion and the media to announce that the cause of the protests is violence on the part of the protesters.


Military officer Zertt meets Haster at the protest site. Zertt, disillusioned with human beings, decided to summon Azathoth with the aim of merging Paradise and human Society after being lured by Haster.



∙ N.E. 14


Feb – Suppression

Announcing the official end of the blood Christmas crisis.


Aug – Valkyrie Established

After the crackdown on the situation, the creation of a former special unit of the Devil's Army " Valkyrie" with strong suggestions from Zertt. the appointment of Zertt as commander-in.


Li Xian becomes a licensed contractor.



∙ N.E. 15


Jan – Survivors

Bloody Christmas survivors who became criminals formed a community to survive the government's pursuit.


Jun – Valhalla Maneuver

Air Fortress 'Valhalla' officially started. Designators start to migrate step by step.


Jul – Noma

Zertt, at the suggestion of Haster, began the development of the new drug, Bifrost, in earnest.


First Noma phenomenon found in private contractors. The government will set up a research team focusing on Dr. Smirnov, an authority on devilology, and Dr. Eureth to find out the cause of the aging process.



∙ N.E. 16


May – Devil's Turbulence

An incident in which a subjects of Bifrost prototype that Zertt was secretly experimenting with escapes from the laboratory. Zertt succeeded in enticing the devil into the body that became a Noma, but then the devil and the soul of the experiment were forced to merge and burst. Wreaking havoc on the private sector. Li Xian decides to join Valkyrie as he goes through this incident.


This became known as the Devil riots. This made the existence of the Marionette phenomenon known to the world.


Yggdrasil then asks Zertt to explain the case, but without any evidence, the case remains pending. But Zertt's Bifrost experiments can’t but very delayed.



∙ N.E. 17


Mar – Valkyrie's Secret

A reporter has been informed that the Devil riots may have something to do with Valkyrie, but he is immediately chased by Valkyrie. It barely skips the trace and contacts the survivor's community to alert the community of the dangers of Valkyrie.

Len, a former member of the community, insists on fighting Valkyrie, but the community decides to dig up the truth more carefully.


May –Li Xian joins Valkyrie


Jun – Detected

An agent from the community who was investigating the Devil riots was detected by Valkyrie. He was caught before informing the community of this fact. Valkyrie became aware of the existence of a community of survivors through captured agents.


Jul – Raid

Valkyrie raided the community after obtaining intelligence such as the existence and location of the community, causing massive damage to the community that was not armed.


Aug – Lasir becomes a licensed contractor, open a Devil Resolver’s office



∙ N.E. 18


Sep – Contractor's disappearance

An incident in which a public contractor goes missing consecutively. Valkyrie collides with community survivors who survived this process. Len and Satomi perform a brilliant exploit In the process, and they have emerged as leaders of the community.


Sep – Beginning of Vanagandr

After the missing contractor case, the community reorganized its organization around the leader, Len, leading to the formation of militant groups, and named Vanagandr.


Dec – War on Terror

Valkyrie formally announced the existence of the terrorist group Vanagandr in the private sector, declaring an all-out war against Vanagandr.

From this point on, Valkyrie's authority is strengthened and Zertt's status is also elevated. Zertt then spurs the delayed Bifrost experiment.



∙ N.E. 20


Jan – Frey becomes a licensed Contractor


Feb – Bifrost

Zertt succeeded in developing the advanced type of Bifrost. Zertt then make Bifrost leak out with the aim of gathering demons sympathetic to Azathoth and the final experiment.


May – Word of mouth spread quickly about Bifrost

which says it will allow anyone to make contract with Devil around the back alleys.


Nov – Frey joins Valkyrie



∙ N.E. 21


Feb – Terror

Vanagandr's attacks on private shopping centers. Rumor has it that Valkyrie has a secret research base on the upper floor of the shopping center, but it has not been confirmed. Civilian Damage 0.


Mar – Ceremony

Zertt believes the development of Bifrost has been completed. Start preparing for the ceremony for Azathoth in earnest.


Apr – Alice becomes a licensed Contractor


Jul – East Area Explosion

Massive explosion and combat activity in the East area. Valkyrie said the accident occurred during the arrest of a Devil roamer.


Aug – Walpurgis Night

a day of prophecy (Walpurgis Night), the fall of Valhalla. Massive civilian damage.



∙ N.E. 22

Jan – New World

Yggdrasil reorganize and rename as 'Baldur'. Valkyrie is a disbanded. A new military organization, Ratatoskr, which accepted Vanagandr launched.