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Jun 14

Night Zero - Explanation of terms of world view


Edited: Sep 6



The world that belongs to the Devil. Unlike the Paradise, It is filled with darkness.






Agents are official employee of the Valkyrie who are generally charged with the field mission.

Akashic Records

Akashic Record is a mysterious place where keeps data on every human event, thoughts, words and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present and future. Every human who entered this place have been swallowed by the madness, unable to bear the tremendous data flooding to their mind.


Anti Shield Gun

Anti-Shield Gun is a weapon that can be used against the Devils. It uses Mana bullets and one of the few weapons that make ordinary people protect themselves from the Devils.



A place where the Contractors can search A place where the Contractors can search for someone similar to their rank, compete for power, and promote. Some reward is given by the Association according to rank and is required to raise the rating of the Association.


The Association

The Association refers to the organization of the contractors. It protects interests of the Contractors and announces requests from the government.



After the day of extinction, the government reorganizes its organization and changes its name to Baldur.



Bifrost is a special chemical that is designed to amplify its taker’s emotional energy for a short period. It is powerful enough to make even unqualified ones to contract with Devils, but it also has a substantial downside. As soon as the Bifrost is wearing off, the emotion energy of the taker soon be drained drastically and it causes the NOMA state.



The blast is a magic that triggers massive explosion. It can also be casted upon the weapons such as missiles.


Bloody Christmas

Bloody Christmas refers to the bloodshed of the civilians who were protesting against the government who tried to cover up the very existence of Prophecy and Valhalla, broken out at Christmas. There were physical fights between the protestors and the government using devils, and the government force suppressed it.


Bounty Hunt

When the extremely lethal devil loses its mind and harm civilians, The association assign trustful contractor a mission to neutralize it with hefty bounty.


Certified Contractors

Every Contractors is required to register with the government. It is not allowed to make contract with devil without proper procedures.





The Contract

The Contract is a pact which binds Human and devil. The contract contains wishes and objectives of both sides, and never fades until they both agree to end.


The Contracted Devil

The Contracted Devils are devils who made contract with human and dwell in the Earth. They get emotion energy from their contractor and provide their service in return.


The Contractor

The contractors are the human who made contract with Devil. They provide emotion energy to their devil and get service from their Devil.


CS Mana Bomb

CS Mana Bomb is an explosion device for normal people which is designed to clog devils’ movement.




The curator is a standard-issue drone that is designed to assist the Valkyrie agents. It has state-of-art AI and contains whatever gadget it takes to enhance the performance of Valkyrie agents... Including its cute looks.





The Devils refers to every spiritual being who has descended to the earth from Paradise.


Devil Riots

The Devil riots were a series of events and civil disturbance that occurred due to the subject that escaped from the experiment of project Bifrost.


Disappearance of Contractors

‘Disappearance of Contractors’ refers to the classified case which Zertt kidnapped civilian contractors and used them as a subject. It was the first military clash between Valkyrie and Vanargand.



Drifters refers to the Devils who stays in the Earth without receiving enough emotion energy from its contractor. If the Devils can’t get enough emotional energy while they are in the Earth, they are exposed to the Night Shade. If they are entirely eroded by the Night shade, they lose their mind and attack everything on sight.


The Earth

The world that belongs to the mankind.


Emotion Energy

The Emotion Energy is a type of energy that is created from the human emotion. By using this, Devils can dwell on the Earth.


The Entities from the Paradise

The entities from the Paradise is another name to call Devils.



One of the most important duties of certified contractors is to patrol the designated area and prevent the further spread of the Night shade.


The First Contractor

The First Contactor is the one who made contract with Devil. It is the Founder who summoned the Gate on Earth and connected the worlds. Nobody knows about the true identity of the First Contactor.


The Fixers

The fixers refers to the contractor who doesn’t register themselves to the government. Instead they work alone as a freelancer.




The founding five

The founding five refers to the five contractor who are the founding members of Yggdrasil.



The Gate is a gigantic pillar of light that connects the Paradise and the Earth. Through the gate, Humans and Devils can move across the both world.






Guild refers to a community of the contractors. The guilds provide benefits and protection to its members and they are managed by the association It is not a mandatory for Contractors to join the guild, but most of the contractor joins at least one guild.


High Rank Agent

One of the Valkyrie Agent's high rank allows commands to be issued to a regular agent. Valkyrie is divided into Normal and High Rank agents according to their grade. The High Rank Agent is authorized to issue commands to agents of a lower grade than itself.



Those who do not have the Emotion Energy to Contract with Devil.


The Irregulars

The irregulars are the people who are no longer human, NOMA or Marionette. They were once possessed by the devil, but they eventually.


Mana Bullet

Mana Bullet is mana-contained ammunition that is specially designed to be used in the Anti-shield gun.




Marionette refers to the people who are possessed by the Devil while they are in the NOMA state.




Miko is the keeper of the temple and contracts.

They usually act as intermediaries in the contract between Humans and Devils.




Mistilteinn refers to a child born in the year when Night Fall started. Some Mistilteinns are born with one blue eye and green eye and possesses mystical abilities that others do not have.




NightFall (The Eternal Night)

It was the day when the Gate was first opened and linked the Utopia and the Earth. Since Night Fall, the sun disappeared, and the eternal night took its place.





The Nightshade

The Nightshade is a mysterious yet lethal material that started to show up on the earth with the endless night. It puts out of the existence of whoever goes inside of it. Furthermore, it awakes Devils’ innate madness when it is accumulated too much inside of their body.



NOMA is a human being whose entire emotional energy has been exhausted. NOMA can’t feel any emotion.



The Association of Contractors who wields the power of time.


The Origin

The origin refers to the source where makes the devils exist. Nobody knows anything about even the slightest knowledge about the origin.


The Paradise

The radiant world that belongs to the Devil.





Contractor is graded according to force and can be raised through the Association's Promotion Review. The review of the Promotion is determined by the mission experience and the history of Arena participation.





The Prophecy

The prophecy is the prophetical books, which is about the demise of the entire human race. According to the prophecy, it says the age of Devils will come when the age of human ends at the doomsday.



Ratatoskr is a new military force which is established to replace the Valkyrie.



The Contractors take various request from various organizations or individuals, and earn their livings.



Rune is a materialized mass of knowledge from the Akashic Record. It gives power to the devil who carries it.



The Darkness Emission Incident caused by Orochi in Japan's S1 region a long time ago. It was settled by an unidentified contactor called Light's Contractor.



Scourge refers to the extremely dangerous devils who are lethal and hostile to human.


Signal Distortion Device

A device that paralyzes the system by jamming the surrounding radio waves and signals.



The Suppressor

The suppressor refers to a huge tower in Valhalla which curbs the expansion of the Gate and the convergence of the world.



A shrine to honor spirits, and a place to summon Devil. It's based on Japan's shrine.






The Unqualified Ones

The unqualified ones refers the humans whose emotional energy is not strong enough to make contract with Devils.


Valhalla Project

To avoid Walpurgisnacht, the fortress of the perforation created by Yggrdrasil is called Valhalla, and the plan to make it is called the Valhalla Project.




Valkyrie is a special law enforcement organization that is established to handle the cases related to the Devils. It possesses the most potent military power among the government organization.



It refers to a group of Resistance created against the Government (Ygdrasil). It is normally known as a terrorist group, but only a few people know its purpose.



Walpurgisnacht refers to the day of extinction. It is said that when Walpurgisnacht comes, the Secular Society and Paradise converge, mankind vanishes from the world and the era of Devil begins.



Yggdrasil is a political organization comprised of the entire world of darkness.