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Aug 2

The game is a mess now i know why there are hackers

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This game is a total mess. So much things are wrong with it. First iff events you have to grind for literally days to be able to get one of the good rewards. Secondly story mode conditions to beat a level is over the top, I've been stuck on 8-10 hard mode because none of my heroes can attack odin or mythra absolutely non and my main attacker brynd has 9.8k attack and is level 60 and i still can't one hit my way through being vastly over leveled. 6* a hero takes forever and the only way to summon relics and heroes are so limited when you pass a point. No wonder the game is not catching on and there so much hackers levels are tk hard and hero specfic so the only way to win feels like you should hack. Please fix the game before it dies in the first month of release and doesn't catch on and please make iteams like subjugation gem things and arena coins and points easier to get because no one in crystal rank/top 300 wants to wait 3 months to be able to get a costume or 2 month to max tier one heroes wepon. Noe pleass make the nessceary adjustment and compensation before baphomet event ends and the players leave , half the discird is already tierd of the game because of all what I've mentioned .


Sep 10

I feel like barely anyone reads these things lol,its sad devs dont really take feedback.